The 20 Best K-Pop B-Sides Of The First Half Of 2022, According To Genius Korea

They definitely have good taste!

Genius Korea is a public forum that allows people to discuss anything regarding Korean culture, music, dramas, and the like. K-Pop is, of course, a popular topic on the forum, and recently the community on Genius Korea compiled a list of what they believe to be the best K-Pop B-side tracks for the first half of 2022! Here are all 20 songs on that list.

20. “GANJI” by PSY ft. Jessi

“GANJI” came out on April 29 on PSY’s most recent album, PSY 9th with the title track “That That”, as the sixth track on the album.

While PSY also tried a new style on the song which is more hip-hop oriented, it was Jessi who completely stole the show. Performing half of the song, Jessi effortlessly jumped between Korean and English lyrics boasting about her swag.

— Genius Korea

19. “Pretty Boys” by Yena

Released on January 17, “Pretty Boys” is the fourth track on Yena’s debut album, Smiley, which features a title song of the same name.

Bouncing along a groovy instrumental, 80s rhythms, and bright synths, “Pretty Boys” has no empty space in its arrangement. The song’s strongest point has to be the catchy ‘Da-da-di-di-da-di-da’ hook in its chorus.

— Genius Korea

18. “Villain Dies” by (G)I-DLE

“Villain Dies” is the third track on (G)I-DLE’s long-awaited first full-length studio album, I Never Die, which was released on March 14 with the title track “TOMBOY”.

It’s an interesting take as well and something everyone has dealt with at some point or another. “Villain Dies” unique composition and post-chorus hook make it one of the most interesting alternative tracks (G)I-DLE has ever released.

— Genius Korea

17. “Wish I Could” by SURAN

“Wish I Could” is the fifth song on SURAN’s FLYIN’ PART 1 album, which was released on March 23 with the title track “Diamonds”.

The song does an amazing job incorporating a standout instrument like the harp and blends it in with other instruments. SURAN’s soulful vocal delivery is another highlight instilling a beautiful sadness in the song.

— Genius Korea

16. “Somebody” by Wonho

Released on February 16, “Somebody” is the second of two tracks on Wonho’s recent single album, Obsession, with the title track “Eye On You”.

“Somebody” is a more emotional song than “Eye On You” and a captivating mix of an acoustic piano, synths, and guitar help drive home the song’s message. The pop-style song also includes a strong bass riff and a powerful and groovy bass sound found in “Eye On You.”

— Genius Korea

15. “The Great Mermaid” by LE SSERAFIM

“The Great Mermaid” is the fourth of five tracks on LE SSERAFIM’s debut album, FEARLESS, released on May 2 with a title track of the same name.

Daring and idiosyncratic, “The Great Mermaid” is reminiscent of f(x)’s electropop sound that not many girl groups have tried out. LE SSERAFIM is also able to showcase their vocal tones and range on the B-side a lot more than their title track “FEARLESS.”

— Genius Korea

14. “Ash” by SEVENTEEN

The ninth and final track on SEVENTEEN’s long-awaited fourth full-length studio album, Face The Sun, “Ash” was released on May 27 alongside the title track “HOT”.

The song’s glitchy production and distorted vocals paint an eerie landscape. The song is filled with excitement but also a hesitance to move forward. Stepping into their 8th year as a group SEVENTEEN uses “Ash” to declare that done are the days of following in the footsteps of others as Joshua sings in the bridge, ‘That one desert star that shined every night / Now it’s my turn to become it’ and SEVENTEEN is already en route.

— Genius Korea

13. “VENOM” by Stray Kids

“VENOM” was released on March 18 as the first track on Stray Kids’ most recent album, ODDINARY, alongside the title track “MANIAC”.

The imagery of spiderwebs and venom throughout the song illustrates the messiness of the situation they are caught up in. The experimental production especially the sound of plucking strings cleverly paints the image of a spider pulling on its web. The track is a theater stage for 3RACHA’s production to shine in the best way possible.

— Genius Korea

12. “Be With You” by ATEEZ

“Be With You” is the second track on ATEEZ’s most recent Korean-language album, ZERO: FEVER Epilogue, which also features title tracks “Turbulence” and “The Real”.

ATEEZ reassures the listener that they will wait and be beside them until they are ready to bloom again. The vocal delivery of the song is impeccable thanks to the vocalists of the group. Even the rappers tweaked their delivery to fit in with the ballad style of the song.

— Genius Korea

11. “Don’t Care About Me” by GOT7

GOT7 made their first comeback after leaving JYP Entertainment with the album GOT7 on May 23, on which “Don’t Care About Me” is the fifth of six songs including title track “NANANA”.

The song features much-awaited moments like the rappers putting the spotlight on their singing, Jinyoung delivering his beautiful falsetto, and Jay B and Youngjae hitting the high notes. “Don’t Care About Me” is a perfect example of GOT7 having a clear vision of who they are, and focusing on their strengths.

— Genius Korea

10. “Polaroid Love” by ENHYPEN

“Polaroid Love” has become an even bigger song than the title track for their latest album, Dimension: Answer, which came out on January 10 with lead single “Blessed-Cursed”.

An easy-to-listen-to song that combines ENHYPEN’s sweet vocals with a bright composition. Thanks to its catchy melody and a viral TikTok dance challenge, “Polaroid Love” became ENHYPEN’s first song to enter the MelOn Realtime chart and found fame even outside of the K-Pop world rightfully so.

— Genius Korea

9. “Locked Inside A Door” by Dreamcatcher

“Locked Inside A Door” is the second track on Dreamcatcher’s latest studio album, Apocalypse: Save Us, which was released on April 12 with the title track “MAISON”.

With similarities to another one of their amazing B-sides, “Jazz Bar,” the song uses stripped-back instruments to let the members’ voices take center stage. The strained funk-rock elements in the song go perfectly with the helplessness the song talks about, a story of being trapped with worries and lacking energy and emotions.

— Genius Korea

8. “Before The Dawn” by P1Harmony

“Before The Dawn” is the fifth track on rookie group P1Harmony’s Disharmony: Find Out album, which was released on January 3 with the title track “Do It Like This”.

Sonically and lyrically, the song progresses like the sun rising at dawn starting with a somber sound and darker lyrics. The song ends on a brighter note as heard in the final chorus where the boys say, ‘Even though it feels like I’m left / In the darkness, in the darkness / ‘Cause I’m not weak / I’m going to get stronger’.

— Genius Korea

7. “Opening Sequence” by TXT

Released on May 9, “Opening Sequence” is the first song on TXT’s Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child album, which has the title track “Good Boy Gone Bad”.

“Opening Sequence” almost plays out like a frantic meltdown for the person as they try to dispel their current state of denial. Depicted via the production and lyrics of the song, the denial turns into anger as the song hits its climax. The gritty mix of rock, R&B, and layered vocal delivery makes “Opening Sequence” one of TXT’s most heart-wrenching tracks.

— Genius Korea

6. “The Game” by PENTAGON

“The Game” is the third song on PENTAGON’s latest album, In:vite U, which was released on January 24 with the title track “Feelin’ Like”.

With an operatic intro inspired by an actual opera aria, “The Game” by PENTAGON is one hell of a B-side. Thriving on the intensity from both rock and EDM synths, “The Game” becomes an epic dance track filled with choir chanting and literary references in its lyrics.

— Genius Korea

5. “In My Dreams” by Red Velvet

“In My Dreams” was released on March 21 as the sixth and final song on Red Velvet’s highly anticipated album, The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm, which included title track “Feel My Rhythm”.

“In My Dreams,” a slow-tempo track based on a minimal trap rhythm is Red Velvet’s most sophisticated B-side in their catalog. Matching the elegance of the album’s title track “Feel My Rhythm,” the album’s closer explores the emotional depth of heartbreak.

— Genius Korea

4. “MVSK” by Kep1er

Released on January 3, “MVSK” serves as the third track for Kep1er’s debut album, First Impact, which features title track “WA DA DA”.

An experimental delight thanks to the production of Jung Ho Hyun of, each section has a different instrument composition and an arrangement that changes to a completely different genre, providing a special charm that not many artists would be able to keep up with.

— Genius Korea


“DARARI” was released on February 15 as the third track on TREASURE’s latest album, The Second Step: Chapter One, which has the title track “JIKJIN”.

“다라리 (DARARI)” also reached a new peak of #3 on Spotify’s ‘K-Pop Global’ weekly chart, becoming the song by a fourth-generation K-Pop group with the highest peak on the chart. The success is extremely justified for the song co-written by the members which also features TREASURE’s underrated vocals which remain strong throughout the song.

— Genius Korea

2. “I Hated Myself (Tablo’s Word)” by Epik High

This song was released on February 14 on the second part of Epik High’s Epik High is Here series, where it served as the sixth track.

Catalyzed by misery, loneliness, and mistreatment by others, “I Hated Myself (Tablo’s Word)” found the rapper self-loathing and breaking himself apart. Appearing midway through the trio’s album Epik High is Here Pt.2, the song gives us a glimpse into what Tablo went through in his personal and professional life. Accompanied by a mellow arrangement, “I Hated Myself (Tablo’s Word)” shares mournful sentiments that were fueled not only by sadness but also anger.

— Genius Korea

1. “Pretty Psycho” by PURPLE KISS

“Pretty Psycho” is the fourth of seven tracks on PURPLE KISS’s newest album, memeM, which was released on March 29 with a title song of the same name.

If “Zombie” and “Ponzona” had a mischievous disco child that you just can’t stop dancing to it would be “Pretty Psycho.” With the song, we get a very eccentric and very unpredictable style by PURPLE KISS. The layering and mixing are spot on and while the song draws upon disco influence and late 90s feeling, it never feels dated.

— Genius Korea

Source: Genius Korea