6 K-Pop B-Sides That “Broke The Internet” In 2021, Ranked By Rolling Stone

All of them went viral on social media.

Even though K-Pop title tracks often get the most shine, there are some B-sides that receive tons of love and go viral. Out of all the releases for 2021, Rolling Stone India shined a spotlight on six of the most popular K-Pop B-sides that gained viral fame on social media platforms.

6. “FEVER”

Following up “Drunk-Dazed” with “FEVER”, ENHYPEN showed off their mature sides with the sexy track that had many TikTokers and famous Asian artists dancing the choreography’s signature moves. Rolling Stone India noted that it marked their “first taste of mainstream international recognition” on TikTok.

5. “SHOOT!”

Although ITZY didn’t release a music video or special performance for “SHOOT!”, that didn’t stop the song from GUESS WHO from going viral. It became “one of the most sought-after tracks for creating transition and compilation edits on TikTok and Instagram Reels” and is still used today.

4. “Gone”

Since BLACKPINK‘s Rosé‘s solo debut was so highly-anticipated, it was only natural for all of her songs to gain fame—even from the teaser. The audio from the “Gone” teaser inspired a viral dance on TikTok and Instagram Reels that gained millions of views.

3. “Anti-Romantic”

TXT‘s “Anti-Romantic” is a touching ballad that dives into the depths of love, both the light and dark sides. The song became a “massive success,” being used over million times on TikTok for “dance covers and fan edits.

2. “MONEY”

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is no stranger to going viral, even just for her legs, but did so again for her solo song “MONEY”. Between the amazing choreography and catchy lyrics, it was a hit on TikTok and Instagram Reels where others covered the song and even used it for Squid Game edits.

1. “Permission to Dance”

Although BTS‘s “Butter” became an instant hit, that didn’t stop “Permission to Dance” from getting attention as well. It sparked a viral dance challenge on “TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts” that celebrities and everyday people participated in, with simple dance moves everyone could follow.

Source: Rolling Stone India