10 K-Pop DIYs That Will Make Going Back To School Less Miserable

Here’s how you can take your bias to class with you.

Summer vacation is officially coming to an end, but going back to school doesn’t have to be all bad. Sure, you can’t spend all day binging on K-Dramas, variety shows, or music videos anymore, but you can bring your love of K-Pop with you to school. Here’s how.


1. K-Popify your notebooks

Reiner Acuario recommends giving your notebooks a K-Pop makeover by covering the covers with cardstock, then adding stickers. You can either order the stickers online or just print out the stickers as pictures and glue them on instead.

If stickers aren’t your thing, you can buy a plain black notebook and use metallic markers to write your favourite lyrics.

For more creative DIY notebook ideas, check out his video here.


2. Turn your pencils into fan merch

In 9EACHYY‘s DIY video, she’ll teach you how you can show your fangirl/fanboy love by transforming your boring HP pencils into one of a kind merch items.

See? Much better!


3. Customize your clips

9EACHYY has also come up with creative ways to include paper clips and binder clips as part of your K-Pop school supply collection. You can add K-Pop pics to your paper clip tops…

…and turn your binder clips into emojis. These clips would be especially fun to turn into BT21 characters.


4. Make a K-Pop binder collage

Once you’re done customizing your notebooks, you might want to decorate your binders to match. To do this, simply print out all the photos, emojis, stickers, and symbols you want and glue them to a piece of cardstock that will be slipped inside your binder’s clear covering.

To see all of 9EACHYY’s aforementioned tutorials, check out this video.


5. Deck out your pencil holders

If you want something K-Poppish and cute to look at while you’re doing homework, AlternativelyEmilia can teach you how to make awesome pencil holders out of boxes or cans.

To see this and more organizational K-Pop DIYs, watch the video below.


6. Revamp your phone case

Bangtan The Scene has come up with a simple and easy way to turn your phone into a fashionable K-Pop accessory. All you need is a transparent phone case and a printed out photo.

The best part about this DIY is that you can change your picture as often as your bias changes their hairstyle!

You can see more of her K-Pop decorating projects here.


7. Make the coolest file folders ever

Traditional file folders typically come in one colour: manila. Yuck. To shake things up, why not repaint them like Unbridled Buffalo does? This technique can be tricky since it involves an X-Acto knife, but the end results are well worth the effort.

You can also paint your notebooks to match!

See the DIY here.


8. Beautify the boring things

Glue sticks, pencil sharpeners, and erasers are probably among the least exciting school supplies, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good too.

With a little creativity, you can make yourself a whole BLACKPINK school set!

See how to make each item here.


9. Make your pencil case a fashion statement

Since you’ll have to carry this around everywhere you go, you might as well make it look awesome.

Some artistically talented fans may be able to paint their desired K-Pop designs directly on their pencil cases, but Burnt Noodles teaches less artistic fans how to get stellar results using a paint-and-stick method.

To see a step by step tutorial, watch the video here.


10. Make an amazing K-Pop backpack

In addition to notebook tutorials, Reiner Acuario has come up with a way to make a K-Pop themed backpack using fabric paint and stencils.

See the entire DIY here.