These 7 K-Pop Backup Dancers Are So Gorgeous, They Could Be Idols Themselves

If these stunning backup dancers ever want a career change, they could give idols a run for their money.

Did you know that some of today’s most popular rookies started out as backup dancers? ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki and aespa‘s Karina, for example, were both dancers for SHINee, while Stray Kids‘s Lee Know danced for BTS. These seven backup dancers may not have decided to take the idol path, but given their impressive visuals, they could definitely succeed as K-Pop stars.

1. Kai’s backup dancer

Since EXO‘s Kai made his solo debut with “Mmmh” last year, everyone’s been talking about his gorgeous backup dancer, no:ze (pronounced “no-jeh”).

Part of the Way B dance team, no:ze’s visuals are just as impressive as her dance moves and chemistry with Kai.

| @noze_wayb/Instagram

She currently has a staggering 580,000 followers on Instagram and even gets her own ad deals with Korean brands. Boasting full lips and unique facial features, it’s no wonder so many fans wish no:ze would make a debut of her own.

| @noze_wayb/Instagram

2. Red Velvet’s backup dancer

Red Velvet‘s backup dancers are known for their close relationship with the group, but one in particular is also known for her good looks: Yu Seul Ki.

Sharing her name with Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Yu Seulki also has similarly sharp, cat-like facial features. Her makeup is always on-point too, particularly when it comes to her slick eyeliner.

| @yu__seulki/Instagram

Though she’s primarily known for dancing with Red Velvet, she’s also joined soloists like Jessi and Hyolyn on stage.

| @yu__seulki/Instagram

3. Baekhyun’s backup dancer

Believe it or not, some backup dancers are so popular, she even have their own fansites! One such dancer is Kim Ji Hyang, who dances with EXO’s Baekhyun.

Kim Ji Hyang joined Baekhyun for his “Candy” music video last year and also dances with him on stage. While she isn’t an idol herself, she is signed to Sublime Artist Agency—the same company as Hyomin, former PRISTIN‘s Nayoung, and EXID‘s Hani. Alongside dancing, she also models, recently appearing in a commercial for Levi’s denim.

| @jihyang_kr/Twitter

All her features are pretty and doll-like, but many fans are particularly charmed by her beautiful eye shape. With over 130,000 followers on Instagram, she’s also known for dancing with Kang Daniel, Rain, and more. Back in 2019, she also went viral when she danced with Somi for “Birthday”.

| @sk8soxer/Instagram

4. Sunmi’s backup dancer

Dancing with Girls’ Generation as a group, Taeyeon as a soloist, Sunmi, and more, Cha Hyun Seung is one of the most prolific backup dancers in the industry.

And thanks to his handsome visuals, he often steals the spotlight. In a YouTube video with Edward Avila, Cha Hyun Seung revealed that he actually dreamed of becoming a singer when he was younger and even spent some time as a K-Pop trainee.

| @502bright/Instagram

However, he ended up loving dance so much that he decided to make it his whole career path—alongside modelling that incredible physique, of course. His dancer-model journey has earned him almost 300,000 Instagram followers to date.

5. Chungha’s backup dancer

It’s not often you see male backup dances with long hair in K-Pop, but hair isn’t the only reason Chungha‘s backup dancer, Wood, attracts so much attention. He also boasts ethereal visuals that complement Chungha’s beauty perfectly.

Like Cha Hyun Seung, Wood also used to be a a K-Pop trainee. While training under JYP Entertainment, he actually became close friends with Stray Kids’s Bangchan.

| @a.ssa_wood/Instagram

However, Wood ultimately decided to become a dancer with the urban hip-hop dance team A.ssa. It definitely wasn’t a bad choice given how skilled he is, but many wish they could’ve seen him on stage as an idol too.

| @a.ssa_wood/Instagram

6. ATEEZ’s backup dancer

Last but not least, ATEEZ fans couldn’t help but thirst over one of the group’s backup dancer’s, Eugene Kim, who also choreographed DAWN‘s “Money”.

Eugene Kim is a dancer with Team B.BTrippin, who have worked with Wanna OneBlock BX1, and more.

| @bbt_uzin/Instagram

Sporting a lip ring and often brightly dyed hair, he’s definitely one of the edgier backup dancers in K-Pop. Of course, his unique style only makes him stand out to fans more.

| @bbt_uzin/Instagram
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