The 20 Best K-Pop B-Sides From The First Half Of 2023, According To Genius Korea

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Genius Korea is a public forum that allows people to discuss anything regarding Korean culture, music, dramas, and the like. K-Pop is, of course, a popular topic on the forum, and recently the community on Genius Korea compiled a list of what they believe to be the best K-Pop B-side tracks for the first half of 2023! Here are all 20 songs on that list.

1. “Snooze” by Agust D (ft. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Woosung)

“Snooze” is the 9th track on Agust D’s D-DAY album, which was released on April 21 with the title track “Haegeum”.

Agust D chooses to lay the truth bare as he confesses that the path many choose will be risky and lonely, that many will crash in the process of achieving their dreams, and that people will turn their backs on you with little as one mistake. At the same time, knowing that most of us don’t need to hear another voice to tell us to keep going, Agust D chooses to offer his assistance in our lowest moments.

— Genius Korea

2. “Topline” by Stray Kids (ft. Tiger JK)

“Topline” is the 5th track on Stray Kids’ ★★★★★ (5-STAR) album, which was released on June 2 with the title track “S-Class”.

As soon as we heard Felix going ‘Bom, digi-digi-bom, bom, bom, bom’ in the preview, we knew that this was going to be a really good one. Furthermore, this B-side stands out in how it compliments each rapper’s distinct tone and timbre: Changbin’s high-pitched, attack-heavy voice, Hyunjin’s stylized, slurred together flow, and Han’s aspirated and airy voice.

— Genius Korea

3. “Falling” by PIXY

“Falling” is the 4th track on PIXY’s Chosen Karma album, which was released on March 10 with the title track “Karma”.

Thanks to girl group PIXY’s overall fantasy concept, dark city pop sounds fit perfectly in their discography. Pairing it with some psychedelic trance pop, “Falling” from their latest album CHOSEN KARMA is one of the most stunning tracks released in 2023 so far.

— Genius Korea

4. “Devil by the Window” by TXT

“Devil by the Window” is the 1st track on TXT’s The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION album, which was released on January 27 with the title track “Sugar Rush Ride”.

Like the ‘devil’ mentioned in its lyrics, the track itself can be replayed in a never-ending loop that is impossible to escape. Its contrasting melody, heavy bass, and it’s almost-dreamy outro is just that addicting.

— Genius Korea

5. “Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s Wife” by LE SSERAFIM

“Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s Wife” is the 10th track on LE SSERAFIM’s UNFORGIVEN album, which was released on May 1 with the title track “UNFORGIVEN”.

LE SSERAFIM’s B-side gets its title from namesakes Eve of the Bible, Psyche of Greek mythology, and Bluebeard’s wife of French folklore, all of whom let their curiosity become their downfall. However, the quintet has taken the liberty to rewrite the story. When it comes time to write the story of their life, LE SSERAFIM won’t let anyone else hold the pen and create their conclusions.

— Genius Korea

6. “Autopilot” by PURPLE KISS

“Autopilot” is the 4th track on PURPLE KISS’s Cabin Fever album, which was released on February 15 with the title track “Sweet Juice”.

The electronic synth-based sounds coupled with the mesmerizing vocals make “Autopilot” a very zestful track. One of the best aspects of the song is how it fits the tonal textures of every member of the group almost seamlessly.

— Genius Korea

7. “Dune” by ATEEZ

“Dune” is the 2nd track on ATEEZ’s The World EP.2: OUTLAW album, which was released on June 16 with the title track “BOUNCY (K-HOT CHILLI PEPPERS)”.

It is genius to name the song “Dune,” meaning a mound or ridge of sand formed by the wind, and use the imagery to define an individual’s life on the verge of giving up. Mingi’s rap, ‘The wind’s pressure wraps around,’ Yeosang’s chant-like chorus and Jongho’s dramatic vocal runs are definitely the crown jewel of the track.

— Genius Korea

8. “Sinner” by Kai

“Sinner” is the 6th track on Kai’s Rover album, which was released on March 13 with the title track “Rover”.

In the first part, Kai lays his soul completely bare with guilt, while in the second part, he asks for affection and mercy. Like a plot twist, this twist will stay with you for ages to come.

— Genius Korea

9. “Diamond Life” by THE BOYZ

“Diamond Life” is the 6th track on THE BOYZ’s Be Awake album, which was released on February 20 with the title track “Roar”.

With THE BOYZ being such a high-energy, hip-hop-focused group, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the group is definitely not lacking either in its vocal line-up. “Diamond Life” proves this as, despite the tangy, electro-pop instrumentation, the song manages to find gaps for the vocals to steal the show.

— Genius Korea

10. “Lone Ranger” by MONSTA X

“Lone Ranger” is the 4th track on MONSTA X’s REASON album, which was released on January 9 with the title track “Beautiful Liar”.

The song is reminiscent of old-school mid-2000s hits such as “Rock Your Body” and “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy).” With a bit of risk but a lot of drive to overcome adversity, the B-side is a highlight on an already stunning album like REASON.

— Genius Korea

11. “Back to the City” by Kep1er

“Back to the City” is the 3rd track on Kep1er’s LOVESTRUCK! album, which was released on April 10 with the title track “Giddy”.

Nostalgia is an incredibly human emotion, and “Back to the City” by Kep1er is nostalgia personified. The B-side from their latest mini album LOVESTRUCK! is a joyful ode to ‘the best time [we] ever had,’ with touches of nu-disco and bouncy retro synths.

— Genius Korea

12. “Lonely” by RM

“Lonely” is the 7th track on RM’s Indigo album, which was released on December 2, 2022 with the title track “Wild Flower”.

“Lonely” encapsulates the feeling of being alone in a crowded room. The song might make you think of someone you loved or just imagine if you had someone to love. All in all, this soundtrack is as catchy as it is symbolic.

— Genius Korea

13. “Fire” by SEVENTEEN

“Fire” is the 3rd track on SEVENTEEN’s FML album, which was released on April 24 with the title track “Super”.

“Fire” starts with a very unexpected set of beats and melody but the hook will surely get stuck in your head after just one listen. Once you listen to this song, there is no way you will not loop it.

— Genius Korea

14. “Michelangelo” by B.I

“Michelangelo” is the x track on B.I’s To Die For album, which was released on June 1 with the title tracks “Die For Love” and “Dare to Love”.

A powerful declaration of himself, “Michelangelo” by B.I is a perfect closer for his new album TO DIE FOR. Comparing himself to the great artist from the high Renaissance era, B.I takes back the power over his narrative.

— Genius Korea

15. “Attitude” by fromis_9

“Attitude” is the 1st track on fromis_9’s Unlock My World album, which was released on June 5 with the title track “#menow”.

This song fuses futuristic synths and beautifully layered vocals together to create an otherworldly experience for listeners. This catchy dance track builds into a final chorus that is sure to leave listeners headed to the dancefloor!

— Genius Korea

16. “Never Forget You” by iKON

“Never Forget You” is the 6th track on iKON’s Take Off album, which was released on May 4 with the title track “U”.

The emotion of each member can be heard through their vocals and Bobby’s rap in the second verse. The final minute of the song builds tension through the bridge and final chorus, ending with a guitar solo reminiscent of an 80s power ballad, making it one of the best songs in their entire discography.

— Genius Korea

17. “Thirsty” by aespa

“Thirsty” is the 4th track on aespa’s MY WORLD album, which was released on May 8 with the title track “Spicy”.

One of the standouts of My World is “Thirsty,” an R&B track where aespa compares falling in love to an unquenchable thirst. The track is inspired by 2000s R&B, as it contains a bouncy and dreamy instrumental and an accompanying track video with references to popular 2000s media.

— Genius Korea

18. “Busted” by WOODZ

“Busted” is the 4th track on WOODZ’s OO-LI album, which was released on April 26 with the title track “Journey”.

In contrast to the other B-sides on OO-LI that can reasonably be considered to be a portfolio of genres that WOODZ is capable of, “Busted” feels like a familiar sound to fans of the artist who frequently adds both his higher range when he sings and a deeper, more aggressive voice in the harder hitting rap parts of the song.

— Genius Korea

19. “DEMIAN” by Dreamcatcher

“DEMIAN” is the 3rd track on Dreamcatcher’s Apocalypse: From Us album, which was released on May 24 with the title track “BONVOYAGE”.

The chorus builds from a funky bassline that takes us into a guitar-heavy chorus that remains true to Dreamcatcher’s signature sound. Accompanied by powerful vocals and suave raps, “DEMIAN” is a hard-hitting track that deserves all of your attention.

— Genius Korea

20. “nevertheless” by Billlie

“nevertheless” is the 6th track on Billlie’s The Billage of Perception: Chapter Three album, which was released on March 28 with the title track “EUNOIA”.

The song boasts a whimsical and beautiful instrumental carried by Billlie’s strong vocal performances, especially from main vocalists Haram and Suhyeon. Their vocals in the final chorus of “nevertheless” sent chills up my spine the first time I heard it.

— Genius Korea

Source: Genius Korea