The 16 Best K-Pop Cover Performances of 2019

K-Pop artists showing love to other artists through performance!

Sometimes K-Pop artists will perform songs by other idols in the industry, especially when it comes to newer groups showing their love for older groups that they admire.  There have been numerous such performances in the last year, and so many of them are incredible and just as good as the original, if not more so!  It can also be a great way to introduce new fans to older music that they might not be familiar with until their favorite group performs it.

Here is a list of 16 of some of the best cover performances done by K-Pop artists in the last year.

16. ATEEZ’s cover of “I Need U” by BTS

15. COSMIC GIRLS’ cover of “Alligator” by MONSTA X

14. Rocket Punch’s cover of “Oh My!” by SEVENTEEN

13. Lovelyz cover of “Sixth Sense” by Brown Eyed Girls

12. LOONA’s cover of “Not Today” by BTS

11. ONEUS’s cover of “Heartbeat” by 2PM

10. A.C.E.’s cover of “Fake Love” and “DNA” by BTS

9. TWICE’s cover of “Move” by Taemin

8. AOA’s cover of “Egotistic” by MAMAMOO

7. ASTRO’s Moonbin’s cover of “24 hours” by Sunmi

6. MAMAMOO’s cover of “Good Luck” by AOA

5. CIX, ASTRO, THE BOYZ, and SF9’s cover of “Love Shot” by EXO

4. Chungha’s cover of “Black” by Lee Hyori

3. Stray Kids’ cover of “Fancy” by TWICE

2. OH MY GIRL’s cover of “Destiny” by LOVELYZ

1. LOONA’s cover of “Full Moon” by Sunmi