These Were The 15 Best-Selling K-Pop Albums In December 2020

Which albums ended the year on top of the charts?

The highest-selling K-Pop albums overall of 2020 have been heavily covered, but have you wondered which albums finished out the year on the top of the sales chart?

While many of the albums on this list of best-sellers in December were released in the month, many were not and continue to make high sales! Here are the 15 best-selling K-Pop albums in the last month of 2020, based on Gaon‘s charts.

15. Minisode1: Blue Hour by TXT

Minisode1: Blue Hour was originally released October 26, 2020, along with the title song “Blue Hour”. Despite coming out two months prior, it still sold 25.7k units in December! It has now sold around 476.6k units in total.

14. Map of the Soul: 7 by BTS

BTS’s best-selling Map of the Soul: 7 is continuing to make sales, even months after its February 21, 2020 release. For the month of December, this album, with the title song “ON”, sold 27.3k copies, and has sold 4.33 million units in total.

13. Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2 by Taemin

The second half of Taemin’s Never Gonna Dance Again album, with the title song “IDEA:理想”, was released on November 9, 2020, and has sold about 123.4k units to date. In December, it made around 29.7k of those sales!

12. Go Live by Stray Kids

Go Live is Stray Kids’ second best-selling album to date, surpassed only by the re-issued version released later in the year, In Life. Released on June 17, 2020, it is still making tens of thousands of sales a month, with 32.2k sold in December and 364.3k units sold overall.

11. SCENE#1 by LA POEM

LA POEM is a fairly new group, debuting on July 3, 2020, and SCENE#1 came out on December 22, 2020. In the last week of December, it made 36.2k sales in total, which is pretty good for a brand new group!

10. BE by BTS

BTS’s latest album, BE, with the title song “Life Goes On”, came out on November 20, 2020, and most of its sales by far were made within the first week that it came out. Still, in December, it sold another 36.2k units, and has now had about 2.66 million sales overall!

9. Inside Me by Kim Sungkyu

The leader of INFINITE, Sungkyu, released his third solo mini-album, Inside Me, on December 14, 2020, with the title song “I’m Cold”. With only two weeks left in the month, his album sold 40.5k units!

8. Breath of Love: Last Piece by GOT7

GOT7 released Breath of Love: Last Piece, their most recent album — and their last album under JYP Entertainment — on November 30, 2020, with the title songs “Breath” and “Last Piece”. Most of their sales were made around the time it was released, with 280.2k units sold to date, but 60.6k were sold in December!

7. Border: Day One by ENHYPEN

ENHYPEN continues to take the K-Pop world by storm after the release of their debut album, Border: Day One, and title song “Given-Taken”, on November 30, 2020. Similarly to GOT7’s album, they made the most sales in their release month with 380.0k units sold in total, and 61.5k of them were sold in December.

6. What Do I Call You by Taeyeon

Taeyeon released her latest album, What Do I Call You, on December 15, 2020, with the title song “Happy”. In the last two weeks of the month, the album sold around 99.1k copies overall!

5. KAI (开) by Kai

KAI (开), Kai’s debut solo album, was released on November 30 with the title song “Mmmh”. Unlike other artists on this list that released albums on the 30th of November, Kai has made the most sales overall in December, with 235.3k sold in that month out of 344.2k unit sales in total!

4. The Classic Album II by Kim Hojoong

Trot singer Kim Hojoong has made a remarkable name for himself this year, with The Classic Album II released on December 11, 2020, and making 248.5k sales in the month.

3. The Classic Album I by Kim Hojoong

The Classic Album I by Kim Hojoong did just as well as the second one, also selling an incredibly impressive 248.5k in December!

2. One-reeler / Act IV by IZ*ONE

IZ*ONE has become one of the highest-selling K-Pop girl groups in history, and 2020 was a huge year for them. Their latest album, One-reeler / Act IV with the title song “Panorama”, was released on December 7, 2020, and in the month sold a whopping 431.5k copies!

1. Resonance Pt. 2 by NCT

And finally, NCT’s Resonance Pt. 2, with the title songs “Work It” and “90s Love”, is one of the group’s best-selling albums ever, surpassed only by Resonance Pt. 1. Released on November 23, 2020, it has sold 936.7k units overall, with 705.6k of those sales made in December.