Here Are The 15 Best-Selling Female K-Pop Artist Albums In All Of History

#4 was released in 1968!

2020 saw some of the best sales for K-Pop artists in many years, with many albums setting new total sales records for the artists that released them. Even with physical album sales on a decline overall due to fans slowly moving more towards digital formats to listen to music, the K-Pop industry still makes a ton of money on physical sales.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | Vogue Korea

However, it isn’t just in recent times that record-breaking album sales were made! In fact, many of the albums on this list were from the first generation of K-Pop, with one even released in the 1960s. Here are the 15 best-selling female K-Pop artist albums of all time.

15. Oneiric Diary by IZ*ONE

Released on June 15, 2020 with the title song “Secret Story of the Swan”, Oneiric Diary has sold 541.4k copies to date!

14. No. 1 by BoA

Released on April 14, 2002 with the title song “No. 1”, No. 1 has sold 560.0k copies to date!

13. More & More by TWICE

Released on June 1, 2020 with the title song “More & More”, More & More has sold 576.0k copies to date!

12. White by Fin.K.L

Released on May 13, 1999 with the title songs “Everlasting Love” and “Pride”, White has sold 593.8k copies to date!

11. A Letter From Greenland by S.E.S.

Released on December 30, 2000 with the title songs “Be Natural” and “Show Me Your Love”, A Letter From Greenland has sold 635.7k copies to date!

10. I’m Your Girl by S.E.S.

Released on November 1, 1997 with the title songs “I’m Your Girl” and “Oh, My Love”, I’m Your Girl has sold 650.0k copies to date!

9. Sea & Eugene & Shoo by S.E.S.

Released on November 27, 1998 with the title songs “Dreams Come True” and “I Love You”, Sea & Eugene & Shoo has sold 651.3k copies to date!

8. Love & Honesty by BoA

Released on January 15, 2004 with the title song “Love & Honesty”, Love & Honesty has sold 653.6k copies to date!

7. Love by S.E.S.

Released on October 29, 1999 with the title songs “Love” and “Twilight Zone”, Love has sold 760.5k copies to date!

6. Super Girl by KARA

Released on November 23, 2011 with the title songs “Jet Coaster Love”, “Go Go Summer!”, and “Winter Magic”, Super Girl has sold 777.8k copies to date!

5. Listen to My Heart by BoA

Released on March 13, 2002 with the title song “Listen to My Heart”, Listen to My Heart has sold 932.0k copies to date!

4. My Dear by The Pearl Sisters

Released in 1968 with the title songs “My Dear” and “A Cup of Cofee”, My Dear has sold 1.00 million copies to date!

3. Best of Soul by BoA

Released on February 2, 2005 with the title songs “Quincy / Kono Yo no Shirushi” and “Meri Kuri”, Best of Soul has sold 1.10 million copies to date!

2. Valenti by BoA

Released on January 29, 2003 with the title song “Valenti”, Valenti has sold 1.25 million copies to date!

1. The Album by BLACKPINK

Released on October 2, 2020 with the title song “Lovesick Girls”, The Album has sold 1.33 million copies to date!

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