The 15 Best K-Pop Songs To Listen To This Valentine’s Day

Sweet songs to get you through the holiday solo, or make a romantic date even more romantic!

Whether you’re single or taken this Valentine’s Day, having a sweet, romantic playlist to listen to on this special day is important!

Sit back and enjoy this list of cute, romantic songs from a variety of K-Pop artists through the ages.

1. “Love Letter” – SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN’s songs are known for their cute style and flower boy-esque aesthetics, and this adorable song about nervously writing a letter confessing love is just that!

2. “No Other” – Super Junior

This cute music video is laid out with each individual member showing their love in a different way, and their sweet lyrics professing that there is “no one like you” is enough to make anyone melt!

3. “Just One Day” – BTS

Back when BTS was known more for their hip hop-style songs, “Just One Day” hit us hard with its softer melody and wishful lyrics of spending just one day with the person they love.

4. “What Is Love” – TWICE

This bright, sweet song is so relatable to anyone that hasn’t yet known what love is like, and daydreams about how it might feel.

5. “A Certain Heart Fluttering” – Ra.D

The tentative, uncertain lyrics in this soft, sweet song speak so clearly about the hesitation and nervousness that anyone might feel about starting a relationship.

6. “Joah” – Jay Park

While Jay Park might be more famously known for his racy rap-heavy songs and vulgar lyrics, “Joah” is an adorable song about the simple joy of really liking someone and wanting everyone to know!

7. “I’m Your Girl” – KHAN

While the lyrics in this catchy song hint at thinking about wanting a new relationship because of the uncertainty over whether their partner is truly in love, the repeated lyrics of the girls claiming “I’m your girl” make it clear how much they really want to stay with them.

8.  “With U” – ATEEZ

A stark contrast to most of their popular hit songs, ATEEZ’s “With U” is a soft and delicate ballad expressing their desire to be with their loved one and share everything together.

9. “Fool” – Juniel ft. Jung Yonghwa

The “fools” in this song are Juniel and Yonghwa themselves, who announce in sweet, joyful sounds that they are fools for being in love and only seeing each other – how sweet!

10. “L.O.V.E.” – Park Jihoon

Park Jihoon’s crooning melody compares the one he loves to a flower, who he wishes to bloom beside him always.

11. “G.R.8.U.” – VIXX

While VIXX may be more widely known for their dark concepts and sometimes creepy aesthetics, this change in pace brings out their bright, cheerful side as they sing about being crazy in love.

12. “Day 1” – K. Will

The lyrics to this song will be relatable to anyone who wants to confess to someone they think is out of their league – “Of all the ugly guys/I’m the best looking” – but knows that they will be able to treat their crush better than anyone else could.

13. “1-4-3” – Henry

This song brings cute attention to what it might be like to be in a relationship with language barriers, with Henry flustered and confused over the difference between texting “1-4-3” compared to “4-8-6” – the English and Korean ways of saying “I love you” or “사랑해” by the number of letters or strokes in each word respectively.

14. “Kiss Later” – Yeojin (LOONA)

This song expresses how much the singer likes someone, but is afraid things are moving too fast – and how she desires to only hug now, and kiss later!

15. “What Is Love” – EXO

This mature but sweet pre-debut song by EXO will have anyone loudly singing along to the lyrics “I lost my mind” while the members vocalize their strong feelings for the person they love.

BONUS: “Baby Don’t Stop” – NCT U

While this may not be quite the same sort of sweet romantic song like the others on this list, Ten and Taeyong‘s teasing, suggestive lyrics and whisper-soft voices will make anyone’s Valentine’s Day a little hotter.