These Are The Top 10 Best-Selling K-Pop Albums From BigHit, Pledis, And Cube Entertainment

They’re some of the best-selling K-Pop entertainment companies for a reason!

Recently we discussed the best-selling K-Pop companies in terms of album sales for 2020.

In recent years, album sales in the K-Pop genre have really been going up for a lot of companies, and the following three are some of the biggest in the industry!

These are the top ten best-selling albums from BigHit Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment.

BigHit Entertainment:

10. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt.2 by BTS

Total sales: 701.5k

9. Young Forever by BTS

Total sales: 821.9k

8. You Never Walk Alone by BTS

Total sales: 1.09 million

7. Wings by BTS

Total sales: 1.21 million

6. Love Yourself: Her by BTS

Total sales: 2.32 million

5. Love Yourself: Tear by BTS

Total sales: 2.32 million

4. BE by BTS

Total sales: 2.66 million

3. Love Yourself: Answer by BTS

Total sales: 2.69 million

2. Map of the Soul: Persona by BTS

Total sales: 3.88 million

1. Map of the Soul: 7 by BTS

Total sales: 4.33 million

Pledis Entertainment:

10. Happily Ever After by NU’EST

Total sales: 268.8k

9. Going Seventeen by SEVENTEEN

Total sales: 307.7k

8. W, Here by NU’EST W

Total sales: 308.1k


Total sales: 363.0k


Total sales: 395.6k

5. You Make My Day by SEVENTEEN

Total sales: 426.0k

4. You Made My Dawn by SEVENTEEN

Total sales: 521.1k

3. An Ode by SEVENTEEN

Total sales: 974.7k

2. ; [Semicolon] by SEVENTEEN

Total sales: 1.06 million

1. Heng:garae by SEVENTEEN

Total sales: 1.41 million

Cube Entertainment:

10. Lights Go On Again by BEAST

Total sales: 100.5k

9. Hour Moment by BTOB

Total sales: 101.7k

8. Brother Act. by BTOB

Total sales: 106.5k

7. Hard to Love, How to Love by BEAST

Total sales: 107.5k

6. This Is Us by BTOB

Total sales: 120.6k

5. Dumdi Dumdi by (G)I-DLE

Total sales: 124.4k

4. Good Luck by BEAST

Total sales: 137.6k

3. Midnight Sun by BEAST

Total sales: 152.2k

2. I Trust by (G)I-DLE

Total sales: 152.9k

1. Fiction and Fact by BEAST

Total sales: 167.6k