The Only K-Pop Boy Group Songs Of 2023 With #1 All-Kills On All Music Charts

Congratulations to these artists!

With the popularity of K-Pop girl groups in the last couple of years, it has become less common for boy groups to rank high on music charts, especially compared to artists like IVENewJeans, and (G)I-DLE who are owning the charts.

The artists ranking high on the annual MelOn chart in 2023

When it comes to #1 all-kills and PAKs, it seems that K-Pop boy groups are struggling because of their difficulty in ranking high on Korean music charts. There just hasn’t been any specific fourth-generation boy group that has hit it big with the general population in Korea (even though many of them have found a lot of success among international fans).

A #1 all-kill is achieved when a song reaches #1 on all realtime hourly and daily music charts (such as MelOn, Bugs, Genie, etc.). While not as difficult to achieve as PAKs (perfect all-kills, which requires a song to hit #1 on all daily, realtime, and weekly charts), they are still a huge accomplishment and deserve to be celebrated when a song earns one.

So far in 2023, just four boy group songs have achieved a #1 all-kill on Korean music charts. Here are those four songs!

1. “Fighting” by SEVENTEEN’s BSS

“Fighting” was released on February 6 as the title track for SEVENTEEN sub-unit BSS’s Second Wind album. Along with earning a #1 all-kill, the song has also earned eight music show awards!

2. “Super” by SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN as a group also achieved a #1 all-kill with their song “Super”, which was released on April 24 as the title track for FML. The album has gone on to become the best-selling K-Pop album of all time with over 6.1 million copies sold, and “Super” has won five music show awards!


The only fourth-generation boy group to achieve a #1 all-kill in 2023, THE BOYZ released their hit “ROAR” on February 20 as the lead single of their Be Awake album. It has also won five music show awards!

4. “HARD” by SHINee

Finally, and most recently, SHINee has achieved a #1 all-kill 15 years into their career with their most recent title song, “HARD”, off of their album of the same name released on June 26. Still actively promoting the song, “HARD” has so far earned them four music show awards!

The success of these four songs became the topic of conversation on an online forum, and here’s what fans have to say about them.


Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa
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