These Are Genius Korea’s TOP 10 K-Pop Boy Groups Of 2021

Which K-Pop artists had the most sought-after lyrics?

Genius Korea is a “collective community project focused on the promotion of Korean music”. Working as a subset of the popular lyrics website Genius, Genius Korea strives to make Korean songs accessible through transcribing, translating, and romanizing them, and also hosts a public forum for K-Pop fans to have discussions with each other.

Recently, they’ve been posting their top K-Pop artists of the year based on certain criteria, which is listed below.

  1. 1. The chart accounts only songs released from November 30, 2020 to November 30, 2021.
  2. 2. The chart includes releases by the artist where they are credited as main artist and featured artist.
  3. 3. The chart includes major release singles, albums, collaborations, SoundCloud releases, and OSTs.
  4. 4. The data used to compile the chart includes total page views and concurrent page views on original, romanization, and English translation pages, via lyric searches on Genius.

Here are the top 10 K-Pop boy groups of 2021, based on these criteria by Genius Korea!

10. SHINee

SHINee had their long-awaited comeback this year, with the release of the album Don’t Call Me with a title track of the same name, and a re-release of the album called Atlantis! Their most popular song on Genius Korea from this year is “Don’t Call Me”, which has over 19,000 views.

9. DAY6

Not only did DAY6 release the whole group album The Book of Us: Negentropy with the title track “You Make Me” in 2021, but their subunit Even of Day came out with an album as well: Right Through Me, with a lead single of the same name. On Genius Korea, their most-searched song is “Right Through Me”, which currently has 5.5k views.


TREASURE released their first full-length studio album, The First Step: Treasure Effect, this year, with the title track “My Treasure” and featuring their 2020 hits like “BOY”, “MMM”, and “I Love You”. This rookie group has already taken the K-Pop world by storm, and their most-searched song on Genius Korea is “Going Crazy”, which has 22.5k views.


SEVENTEEN has been doing remarkably well over the last couple of years, and 2021 has arguably been their best yet, with the release of both Your Choice (with the lead single “Ready To Love”) and the more recent Attacca (with the title track “Rock With You”). Interestingly, it’s Vernon and Joshua‘s duo song “2 MINUS 1” that is their most-searched on Genius Korea from this year, with 51.8k views.


ATEEZ is another artist who has seen their best sales and music charts ever in 2021. So far they have released two albums — ZERO: FEVER Part.2 (with the title song “Fireworks (I’m The One)” and ZERO: FEVER Part.3 (with the title song “Deja Vu”) — and they are set to release their third one, ZERO: FEVER Epilogue, on December 10! Their most-searched song not just from this year, but for their entire discography, on Genius Korea is the English version of “Take Me Home”, which also topped Genius Korea’s list of best K-Pop B-sides of 2021 and has 65.5k views.

5. NCT 127

NCT 127 was another group that released both a full-length studio album and a re-release of the album in 2021, with Sticker and Vampire respectively (and with title tracks of the same names). From their songs released this year, “Sticker” is their most-searched on Genius Korea, with 42.2k total views.

4. NCT Dream

NCT DREAM really took off in popularity this year, having one of the best-selling albums of the year with Hot Sauce and another very successful re-release with Hello Future! In fact, “Hot Sauce” is now their most-searched song on Genius Korea, with 190.5k total views.

3. Stray Kids

Yet another artist proving that fourth generation K-Pop groups are leading the way in the music genre these days, Stray Kids came out with one full-length studio album — NOEASY with the title track “Thunderous” — and one single album, Christmas EveL, which just came out recently. On Genius Korea, however, it is the B-side “Red Lights” that is the most-searched song of theirs from the year, with 64.4k views.

2. TXT

Coming in at #2 is none other than the massively popular TXT, who have released the full-length studio album The Chaos Chapter: Freeze and respective re-released album The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape, with the title songs “0x1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” and “LO$ER=LO♡ER”. It’s the former of these two that is the most-searched on Genius Korea this year, with 177.2k total views.

1. BTS

And finally, of course, BTS comes in at the top of this list. Though they released only two songs on the single album Butter this year (not including their collaborations and Japanese singles), of course this worldwide famous boy group still took the #1 spot! Their most-searched song from 2021 on Genius Korea is “Butter” with over 3.2 million views.

Source: Genius Korea