These Are The Shortest To Tallest Of 16 Third Generation K-Pop Boy Groups

There’s a 4″ difference between the shortest and tallest!

The third generation of K-Pop is agreed by most to consist of groups that debuted between 2012 and 2017. It includes groups such as BTS, EXO, GOT7, iKON, SEVENTEEN, and many others!

iKON’s Jay

There’s a huge amount of diversity between third generation idol groups in many different ways, such as music style, overall concept, member dynamics, and more. There’s also a lot of diversity in height in third generation K-Pop idols!

SF9’s Rowoon

Here are the shortest to tallest of 16 K-Pop boy groups from this generation, based on each group’s average height of all the members.

16. iKON

Member heights:

Jay: 165cm

Bobby: 176cm

Ju-ne: 183cm

Song: 175cm

DK: 173cm

Chan: 181cm

Member average height: 175.5cm (5’9″)

15. A.C.E

Member heights:

Donghun: 176cm

Jun: 175cm

Wow: 176cm

Kim Byeongkwan: 174cm

Chan: 177cm

Member average height: 175.6cm (5’9″)

14. NCT Dream

Member heights:

Mark: 175cm

Renjun: 171cm

Jeno: 177cm

Haechan: 174cm

Chenle: 176cm

Jaemin: 177cm

Jisung: 180cm

Member average height: 175.7cm (5’9″)

13. EXO

Member heights:

Suho: 173cm

Xiumin: 172cm

Lay: 176cm

Baekhyun: 174cm

Chen: 173cm

Chanyeol: 186cm

D.O.: 172cm

Kai: 180cm

Sehun: 183cm

Member average height: 176.6cm (5’9.5″)

12. NCT 127

Member heights:

Taeyong: 174cm

Taeil: 171cm

Johnny: 185cm

Doyoung: 178cm

Yuta: 176cm

Jaehyun: 180cm

Winwin: 179cm

Jungwoo: 180cm

Mark: 175cm

Haechan: 174cm

Member average height: 177.2cm (5’10”)

11. The Boyz

Member heights:

Sangyeon: 176cm

Jacob: 175cm

Younghoon: 183cm

Hyunjae: 180cm

Juyeon: 181cm

Kevin: 176cm

New: 177cm

Q: 175cm

Juhaknyeon: 175cm

Sunwoo: 177cm

Eric: 174cm

Member average height: 177.2cm (5’10”)

10. BTS

Member heights:

RM: 181cm

Jin: 178cm

Suga: 174cm

J-Hope: 177cm

Jimin: 174cm

V: 179cm

Jungkook: 178cm

Member average height: 177.3cm (5’10”)


Member heights:

S.Coups: 178cm

Jeonghan: 178cm

Joshua: 177cm

Jun: 182cm

Hoshi: 177cm

Wonwoo: 182cm

Woozi: 164cm

DK: 179cm

Mingyu: 187cm

The8: 178cm

Seungkwan: 174cm

Vernon: 178cm

Dino: 174cm

Member average height: 177.5cm (5’10”)

8. GOT7

Member heights:

Jay B: 179cm

Mark: 175cm

Jackson: 174cm

Jinyoung: 178cm

Youngjae: 177cm

BamBam: 178cm

Yugyeom: 183cm

Member average height: 177.7cm (5’10”)


Member heights:

Shownu: 181cm

Minhyuk: 180cm

Kihyun: 175cm

Hyungwon: 182cm

Joohoney: 177cm

I.M: 175cm

Member average height: 178.3cm (5’10”)


Member heights:

JinJin: 169cm

MJ: 175cm

Eunwoo: 183cm

Moonbin: 182cm

Rocky: 176cm

Sanha: 185cm

Member average height: 178.3cm (5’10”)

5. DAY6

Member heights:

Sungjin: 177cm

Jae: 183cm

Young K: 180cm

Wonpil: 176cm

Dowoon: 177cm

Member average height: 178.6cm (5’10.5″)


Member heights:

Hui: 171cm

Jinho: 168cm

Hongseok: 178cm

Shinwon: 184cm

Yanan: 187cm

Yeo One: 179cm

Yuto: 185cm

Kino: 177cm

Wooseok: 189cm

Member average height: 179.8cm (5’11”)


Member heights:

Yoon: 180cm

Jinu: 177cm

Hoony: 185cm

Mino: 182cm

Member average height: 181cm (5’11.5″)

2. SF9

Member heights:

Youngbin: 178cm

Inseong: 184cm

Jaeyoon: 184cm

Dawon: 179cm

Zuho: 185cm

Rowoon: 190.5cm

Taeyang: 181cm

Hwiyoung: 179cm

Chani: 177cm

Member average height: 181.9cm (5’11.5″)

1. KNK

Member heights:

Jihun: 187cm

Seoham: 192cm

Dongwon: 185cm

Inseong: 185cm

Heejun: 180cm

Member average height: 185.8cm (6’1″)

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