18 K-Pop Catchphrases Every Single K-Pop Fan Knows By Heart

How many of these catchphrases do you remember?

From iconic lines in songs to some interesting word choices during interviews, K-Pop is full of iconic catchphrases. Every fan knows the specific catchphrases for their own fandom but some lines are so iconic that every single K-Pop fan knows them by heart. Whether or not you know exactly where these lines come from, if you’re a fan, you definitely know these!


1. “Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, you know?”

This is for all my bad girls around the world! I mean not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good. You know? Yeah, we definitely know! CL‘s “The Baddest Female” contains these lines that we’ll never get out of our heads!


2. “Pull up on you wacks with a mac fully loaded.”

Vernon‘s rap from SEVENTEEN‘s “Ah Yeah” is no longer just a part of the Carat fandom.


3. “JYP. And the Wonder Girls, we’re back!”

A whispered JYP is iconic enough as it is but add to it a few extra words and you’ve got this catchphrase that introduced the Wonder Girls in almost all of their music videos!


4. “Loverholic robotronic.”

From the minds that brought you “Fantastic elastic”, we introduce to you “Loverholic robotronic!” But seriously, who doesn’t know this line from SHINee‘s “Lucifer”?


5. “Never don’t mind about a thing.”

From “Shawty I’m party til the sundown” in “Love Me Right” to “Never don’t mind about a thing” in “Call Me Baby”, EXO‘s Sehun has some pretty popping lines that EXO-Ls have fallen in love with. And since they’re so loved, they’ve spread to other fandoms too!


6. “He has a wife? He has a wife!”

Who knew the adorable Kyungsan had a wife! Well according to Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany the cute toddler did. But it was Jessica‘s reaction that had fans laughing on Girls’ Generation’s Hello Baby.


7. “I wanna be…horse. White horse.”

If you’ve been in K-Pop long enough you’ve definitely stumbled on this interview with BIGBANG and MTV. And we know that you can recite word for word Seungri‘s animal of choice as well as what G-Dragon threw in at the end!


8. “And it goes a little something like this!”

From g.o.d‘s “Sorrow” to AOA‘s “Heart Attack” so many groups have used this line to open their songs so every K-Pop fan has heard this at least once. Good thing we all love it so much!


9. “Ayo GG!”

Girls’ Generation‘s “I Got A Boy” has one of the most iconic openings to a song ever and one of the best catchphrases to boot!


10. “You know. I know. I’m hot. I’m fresh. I’m fly. Bravesound.”

Because you know it and I know it AOA‘s “Like A Cat” proves the girls are hot over and over again!


11. “Come with me. Airplane love!”

We all know the proper response to anyone who says “Come with me” is “Airplane love” all because f(x) told us so in “Airplane”.


12. “Dibidibidis my name is Minho.”

Shawols aren’t the only ones that know the proper way to introduce Minho! And really everyone knows it even if they aren’t 100% familiar with SHINee‘s “The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)”.


13. “The loof is on fire.”

B.A.P’s “Hurricane” let us all know that the loof is on fire and now everybody in the whole of K-Pop knows it!


14. “You got no jams.”

One Bangtan Bomb let us know that BTS‘s Jimin has no jams. But even though he may not have had all the jams back then, we definitely think he does now! Especially since every K-Pop fan can use this catchphrase flawlessly.


15. “Insfires man!”

RM was secretly dying inside when BTS had to answer questions for KCON because his members didn’t know how to say the word “inspire” but fans quickly fell in love with the way Suga and Jungkook ran with it. Since then, you can find this word on any K-Pop related board or forum!


16. “Close your lips, shut your tongue.”

Even if you somehow haven’t listened to Super Junior‘s “Mamacita” there is absolutely no way you haven’t heard someone online mention this line. Nobody’s quite sure how you can shut your tongue but the line is undeniably great!


17. “Chogiwa”

“Chogiwa” immediately took over in the EXO-L fandom when “Wolf” first came out but has since spread into every aspect of K-Pop. Plus it can be worked into pretty much any context and totally work!


18. “Voldemort sunbaenim”

Fans love it whenever idols decide to call other stars sunbaenim like Justin Bieber sunbaenim or Michael Jackson sunbaenim. But nobody is ever going to forget the time EXID‘s Hyerin called Voldemort a sunbaenim.