7 K-Pop Challenges That Took Over TikTok

These K-Pop TikTok Challenges are addicting!

1. #AnysongChallenge (Zico)

Zico released “Any Song” on January 13, 2020, which included an addicting dance. Once Zico posted a segment of the dance on TikTok, the dance went viral under “#Anysongchallenge.” Starting the trend, Zico pulled several K-Pop artists into his TikTok’s to dance with him. He featured many idols such as Jessi, Chungha, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, and more. 

2. #Wannabeitz (ITZY)

Perhaps the most iconic part of ITZY’s “WANNABE” choreography is Ryujin‘s shoulder dance during her first line. Fans were fascinated by her fast-moving shoulders and wondered how it was even possible. The impossible factor to the move made it a challenge on TikTok. 

3. #Summerhate (Zico) 

Not only did Zico’s “#Anysongchallenge” take over TikTok, but his “Summer Hate” song did as well. Zico came back with the new song featuring iconic idol Rain. On his TikTok, Zico and Rain uploaded a video showing their “Summer Hate” dance. Soon everybody’s TikTok “For You Page” was covered with people partaking in the dance.

4. #CNSchallenge (BTS’s J-Hope)

BTS’s J-Hope and pop singer Becky G collaborated with their hit song “Chicken Noodle Soup” and it of course gained a lot of attention. The song further expanded to TikTok as people were trying the “CNSchallenge” themselves. 

5.#KangDaniel2U (Kang Daniel)

Kang Daniel made a comeback with his song “2U” which blew up on TikTok. Many fans and even popular idols participated in Kang Daniel’s challenge. Some idols who took part in the trend were CIX’s Bae Jinyoung and BX

6. #Nununanachallenge (Jessi) 

Jessi’s challenge “Nanu Nana” was a huge hit in the TikTok world. Jessi did an amazing job promoting her song through the challenge. The “#Nununanachallenge” was done by various artists. Jessi danced with couple HyunA and Dawn, former Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, Eric Nam, former SISTAR member Soyou, and more!

7. #Makingalover (SS501)

TikTok is so powerful that it brought back an older K-Pop song. From the legendary group SS501, TikTok users have been using their song “Making a Lover” to a dance challenge made by @hanitabinaa.