21 Cheesy AF K-Pop Valentine’s Day Cards To Send Your Fellow Stans This Year

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s the time of year that some people love and some hate: Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re going solo or are in a committed relationship, anyone can appreciate a cheesy Valentine’s Day card, right? Here are 21 fan-made valentines that you can enjoy on your own or send to a fellow K-Pop stan.

1. You don’t have a choice with this one!

2. Would you accept this valentine?

3. Oh to be a freckle on Felix’s face ♥

4. This is definitely a classic!

5. How could anyone reject him?

6. We would definitely say yes!

7. The J.Y Park memes are too easy 😂

8. We couldn’t if we tried!

9. Peaches and cream?

10. Add this to the “Yoongi marry me” meme!

11. That must be really deep.

12. “The Feels” is a Valentine’s Day must-listen!

13. An oldie but a goodie 😂

14. This is a relief.

15. Someone might need to sort out their priorities…

16. We hope you don’t hate puns…

17. He’s already knocked us off of ours!

18. J-Hope should be everyone’s valentine ♥

19. Simple but sweet!

20. No one is as pretty as Jin…

21. This one is just relatable 😂