14 Major K-Pop Comebacks And Debuts You Won’t Want To Miss In February 2022

Which one are you most looking forward to?

February is just around the corner, and there have already been so many exciting K-Pop comebacks and debuts announced for the next month! You’ve likely heard of a few of them already, but in case there are any you’ve missed out on, this list should have you covered. Here are 14 major comebacks to anticipate in February 2022!

February 3: Jamie Comeback

On February 3 at 6PM KST/4AM EST, soloist Jamie (aka Jimin Park) will be releasing a new single titled “Pity Party”! This will be her first release since she came out with the digital single “No Numbers” in September last year.

February 7: Wonpil Solo Debut

On February 7 at 6PM KST/4AM EST, DAY6 member Wonpil will be making his debut as a soloist! His first album will be called Pilmography.

February 8: Ravi Comeback

On February 8, VIXX member Ravi will be having a solo comeback at 6PM KST/4AM EST! This second LP of his will be called LOVE&FIGHT, and the lead track is titled “Winner”.

February 9: U-Know Japanese Comeback

On February 9, TVXQ‘s U-Know is set to release a new Japanese album, called Kimi Wa Saki e Iku (君は先へ行く), or You Go Ahead. This will be his first solo comeback since he released Noir in January last year, and his first Japanese solo comeback since the album U Know Y came out in July 2015!

February 9: VIVIZ Debut

Also on February 9 at 6PM KST/4AM EST, VIVIZ — a three-member girl group consisting of former GFRIEND members SibBEunha, and Umji — will be making their debut with the mini-album Beam of Prism under BPM Entertainment.

February 14: Epik High Comeback

On February 14, Epik High is set to release part 2 of the series they started last year, Epik High Is Here 下. It, too, will be released at 6PM KST/4AM EST, and it will come out only a couple of weeks before their upcoming North American tour in March!

February 14: Apink Comeback

Also on February 14 at 6PM KST/4AM EST, girl group Apink is planning to come out with a new special album titled HORN. The album will have 11 tracks, with the title song called “Dilemma”.

February 14: Taeyeon Comeback

Finally on February 14, Taeyeon will be releasing her third full-length album, INVU. Pre-orders for the album started today!

February 15: TREASURE Comeback

On February 15 at 6PM KST/4AM EST, TREASURE will finally be making their long-awaited comeback in over a year! This will be their first mini-album, titled The Second Step: Chapter One, with the title song called “JIKJIN”.

February 16: Rumble-G Comeback

On February 16 at 12PM KST/February 15 at 10PM EST, rookie girl group Rumble-G is set to release their second single, Every Other. This will be their first comeback since they debuted on July 14, 2021 with “Roopretelcham”.

February 16: Wonho Comeback

Also on February 16, soloist Wonho is planning on coming out with his first single album, Obsession, at 6PM KST/4AM EST. It will have 2 songs: “Eye On You” and “Somebody”.

February 21: TEMPEST Debut

On February 21, upcoming seven-member boy group TEMPEST will be making their debut under Yuehua Entertainment! Other details of their debut are not yet known.

February 22: CRAVITY Comeback

On February 22, Starship Entertainment rookie boy group CRAVITY will be making a comeback with the album Liberty: In Our Cosmos! This will be their first release after they last came out with The Awakening: Written in the Stars in August last year.

February 24: CRAXY Comeback

On February 24, five-member girl group CRAXY is planning to release their second album titled CRAXY UNIVERSE with the title song “Dance with God”.