Here Are 16 Major K-Pop Comebacks And Debuts You Won’t Want To Miss In April 2022

There are so many exciting debuts this month!

April is just around the corner, and with it will come a ton of new K-Pop comebacks and debuts to look forward to! There are some pretty big names making a comeback next month, as well as several different highly anticipated groups debuting. Here are 16 major K-Pop releases in April that you won’t want to miss!

April 3: TRACER Debut

On April 3, Gleamedia‘s new four-member girl group, TRACER, is set to debut. The group consists of AliceGenieSowon, and Yubeen!

April 4: Kwon Eunbi Comeback

On April 4 at 6PM KST/5AM EST, former IZ*ONE member and now-soloist Kwon Eunbi is planning to release her second mini-album, Color! This is her first comeback since she debuted as a soloist last August with the mini-album Door.

April 4: Suho Solo Comeback

Also on April 4, EXO leader Suho is also planning to release his second mini-album, Grey Suit, at 6PM KST/5AM EST. The music video for “Grey Suit” will be released the same day, and a follow-up music video for “Hurdle” will come out on April 7.

April 4: ILY:1 Debut

Finally on April 4, FCENM Entertainment will debut their new six-member girl group, ILY:1, at 6:30PM KST/5:30AM EST. They’ll be releasing the single album Love In Bloom with the title track of the same name.

April 5: IVE Comeback

On April 5, rookie girl group IVE is planning to release their second single album, LOVE DIVE, at 6PM KST/5AM EST. The title track for the album is called “DEAR. CUPID”.

April 5: BIGBANG Comeback

Also on April 5, BIGBANG will finally be making their long-awaited comeback with the digital single “Still Life” at 12AM KST/11AM EST. This is their first comeback as a group since they released the single “Flower Road” in 2018.

April 6: ITZY Japanese Comeback

On April 6, ITZY will be coming out with their first Japanese single album, Voltage, with a title track of the same name! This comes after they made their Japan debut with the mini-album IT’z ITZY last September.

April 6: Red Velvet Japanese Comeback

Also on April 6, Red Velvet is planning to release their first full-length Japanese album, Bloom! Their last Japanese release was the mini-album Sappy, which came out in May 2019.

April 7: GHOST9 Comeback

On April 7, boy group GHOST9 is set to release their sixth mini-album, ARCADE: V, at 6PM KST/5AM EST. They only debuted in September of 2020, so it’s impressive they’ve released so many albums in the last year and a half!

April 11: MONSTA X Comeback

On April 11, MONSTA X is planning to release their 11th mini-album, SHAPE of LOVE, at 6PM KST/5AM EST. This comes just a few months after they came out with their second English-language album, The Dreaming, in December 2021.

April 11: EPEX Comeback

Also on April 11, rookie boy group EPEX is set to release their third mini-album, Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 1. 21st Century Boys, at 6PM KST/5AM EST.

April 12: Dreamcatcher Comeback

On April 12, Dreamcatcher is planning to release their 2nd full-length album, Apocalypse: Save Us, at 6PM KST/5AM EST! This is their first comeback since they released Summer Holiday in July last year.

April 12: DKZ Comeback

Also on April 12, DKZ (formerly known at DONGKIZ) is planning to have a comeback with their sixth single album, Chase Episode 2. MAUM. This will be their first release under their new name, and the first since they released Chase Episode 1. GGUM in July last year.

April 19: Apink Comeback

On April 19, Apink is planning to release a song for their 11th anniversary since their debut! No further information is yet known.

April 20: YOUNITE Debut

On April 20, Brand New Music‘s new nine-member boy group YOUNITE is set to debut at 6PM KST/5AM EST with their first mini-album, YOUNI-BIRTH.

TBA: CLASS:y Debut

Finally, though no official date has been announced yet, the group formed from survival reality show My Teenage Girl, CLASS:y, is preparing to debut sometime in April. The lineup consists of 7 members from the ages of 14 to 20.