8 K-Pop Comebacks That Had Fans Completely Shook

Fans never saw these concepts coming.

K-Pop is full of all kinds of different concepts for music videos. While some artists like to frequently change their concepts and try out new styles, others tend to stick to similar styles, so it can be even more shocking when they suddenly do something different! The following 8 music videos, mentioned on a Reddit forum, all shocked fans in one way or another, whether the concept wasn’t anticipated, the MV was surprisingly dark, or there was a shocking twist within the plot of the video.

For some of these music videos, there will be spoilers of the plots involved, so be warned!

1. “Fxxk U” by Gain

While all of Gain’s solo music videos are fresh and unique, this song in particular had fans shocked by how explicit it was! That’s not very common in K-Pop, especially for female artists, so it was definitely a surprise. It also touches on the subject of domestic abuse, something that often isn’t portrayed in a healthy or educational way in the K-Pop genre.

2. “Girls” by NATURE

There’s a reason there’s both a censored and uncensored version of this music video! The MV actually had to be delayed because of how graphic it ended up being, with various members being visibly harmed or bloodied in the video. While this might be unsettling for some people, many fans approved of and praised this creepy and unusual concept. It’s certainly different from most girl group concepts these days!

3. “Hobgoblin” by CLC

Before “Hobgoblin” was released, CLC wasn’t a very well-known group, and most of their concepts were what some might call stereotypically girly/cutesy music videos that didn’t stand out super well from other girl groups. “Hobgoblin”, therefore, was a refreshing change for the group with its angsty, aggressive style, and really helped propel CLC into greater popularity.

4. “Voodoo Doll” by VIXX

Like “Girls”, “Voodoo Doll” also has both a censored and uncensored version, and for the same reason! VIXX had already been known to come out with slightly darker or more unique concepts before this song was released, but the graphic violence and theme of the video, with the members being violently controlled and tortured by a girl, took their style to a whole new level. It helped to set the bar for other creepy K-Pop concepts in the years to come!

5. “First Love” by After School

Rather than being shocking for dark or violent content, “First Love” shocked fans due to what the members were doing in the music video — pole dancing! There’s still a stigma around pole dancing, especially in Korea, so there were some people that didn’t approve of it being in the video. However, many others were amazed at the months of hard work and dedication it took the members to learn the skills needed to pull the MV off, and their effort really shows with how amazing they look!

6. “Run Devil Run” by Girls’ Generation

While this concept isn’t particularly dark by most K-Pop standards these days, Girls’ Generation was known before then for their bright girly concepts, especially with their previous release being “Oh!” with it’s cute cheerleader concept. The change to “Run Devil Run” really showed that the nation’s girl group at the time was able to pull off all kinds of different concepts besides those that they were known for!

7. “Please Don’t” by K.Will

This music video seems normal at first, with what seems to be a main male character jealous of his friend getting ready to marry the woman that he’s interested in. But what ends up happening (spoilers!) at the end of the music video left fans shook. The main character rips a picture of the three of them at the couple’s wedding in half… And then puts himself next to the man, and not the woman, suggesting that he was in love with the groom the entire time. Since the topic of homosexuality is still somewhat taboo in Korea, especially at the time the music video was released (2012), this revelation was shocking!

8. “You In Me” by KARD

Like “Please Don’t”, KARD’s music video also seemed fairly normal at first. The four members appear as two couples in somewhat angsty, possessive relationships with each other, which isn’t unusual for a K-Pop music video. However, halfway through the second verse, BM and J.Seph suddenly shift… And the viewer realizes that they’re both dead, and the girls have been interacting with their bodies the entire time. Whether the video was meant to be literal with the girls taking care of their dead bodies, or symbolic of not being over “dead” relationships, is debatable, but either way, it was a shock to see!

Source: Reddit
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