Here Are 16 More K-Pop Comebacks To Look Forward To In February

Which comeback are you looking forward to most?

Earlier this month, we posted about 10 K-Pop comebacks to expect in February. Now that some time has passed, several other K-Pop artists have been announced to be planning to release music next month!

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Here are 16 more artists to expect new content from in February, plus one update on a previously mentioned comeback.

February 1: QODES Debut

On February 1, QODES will make their debut with the album SEASON 1: Mutants of DNA Sequence. They are a four-member hip-hop girl group formed by EJ Entertainment, and each of the members has a stage name based on a letter of the Greek alphabet: Alpha, Delta, Lambda, and Nu. They will also be using a unique video game concept for the group, where their company is the NPC, the members are the in-game characters, and the fans are the users/players.

February 1: O.WHEN Comeback

Also on February 1, O.WHEN will make a comeback with the album Stillness. This will be the soloist’s first release since he came out with the album From the Day We Loved to the Day We Said Goodbye in June 2020.

February 2: YOURA Album Release


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On February 2, YOURA will be making a comeback at 6 PM KST with two tracks, “Mimi” and “Pink!”, off of her new album GAUSSIAN.

February 2: Daybreak Comeback

Also on February 2, Daybreak will release a new song called “Doesn’t Make Sense”, featuring Heize! This is the four-member boy group’s first comeback since 2017, when they released the non-album single “We Fit Well”. They debuted in 2007, so it’s great to see they’re still active!

February 2: LEEWOO Comeback

Finally on February 2, LEEWOO will be making a comeback with the song “Parting Place”. This is the former MADTOWN member’s first comeback since he released “A Reason To Break Up” on September 9, 2020.

February 3: MAMAMOO Japanese Album Release

On February 3, MAMAMOO will release the Japanese version of their most recent Korean-language album, Travel, which will include Japanese versions of “Dingga” and”AYA”, as well as 8 other tracks.

February 3: PURPLE KISS Comeback

Also on February 3, PURPLE KISS will come out with their second pre-debut digital single, “Can We Talk Again”. The seven-member girl group under RBW Entertainment is set to debut sometime in early 2021.

February 3: L (INFINITE) Solo Debut

L’s solo debut was already mentioned in our previous list of February 2021 comebacks, but a date has been announced since then! He’ll be releasing his first single album, Memory, on February 3 at 6 PM KST.

February 4: Gaeko Comeback


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On February 4, Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko will be releasing the song “I Feel Like” with Kwon Jinah for the Gaejaksil Project Part.3, which is a creation by Gaeko to show a spectrum of various musical genres through his solo work. The project, which is short for “Music from Gaeko’s studio”, started in 2018.

February 5: Aespa Comeback

On February 5, aespa will be making their first comeback with the single album Forever and title track of the same name. “Forever” will be a remake of the song originally performed by Yoo Youngjin.

February 5: You Heeyeol & Sechskies Collaboration

Also on February 5, You Heeyeol and SECHSKIES will be releasing a collaboration song together called “Don’t Look Back”.

February 5: MOMOLAND & CHROMANCE Collaboration

And lastly on February 5, at 6 PM KST, MOMOLAND will be collaborating with the German EDM artist CHROMANCE to recreate the TikTok-famous song “Wrap Me In Plastic”.

February 12: Mark Tuan & Sanjoy Collaboration

On February 12, GOT7‘s Mark will be collaborating with Sanjoy to release the single “One in a Million”. It will be the first music that Mark has released since GOT7 announced they were leaving JYP Entertainment, so it will be a great time to share your support!

February 15: CHECKMATE Album Release

On February 15, rookie co-ed group CHECKMATE will make their first comeback with their second single album, YOU. They made their debut with the single “Drum” on September 21, 2020.

February 19: BTS Album Release

On February 19, BTS will be coming out with what they’re calling the BE (Essential Edition) album. The album BE (Deluxe Edition) was first released on November 20, 2020, and this new edition will include all eight tracks on the original, along with some yet-to-be-announced surprises as well as gifts leading up to its release.

TBA: Kang Daniel Comeback

Though a date has not yet been announced, Kang Daniel is planning to have a comeback sometime in February. It will be the first music he’s released since his album Magenta in August 2020.

TBA: I.M (MONSTA X) Solo Debut

And finally, though a date also hasn’t been announced, MONSTA X’s maknae I.M is planning on having a solo single debut sometime in late February. Though he has released some mixtapes in the past, this will be considered his actual solo debut outside of MONSTA X.