These Are The Percentages That The Top 15 K-Pop Companies Contributed To Total Album Sales In 2020

A single company contributed to a quarter of all album sales in 2020.

K-Pop has become a massive multi-billion dollar industry over the years, and 2020 saw record album sales from a number of companies, as well as a new record for most album sales for a single album in the South Korean music industry.

There are tons of different K-Pop companies in the industry, but only a small portion of them make a noticeable contribution to the overall profit. While there used to be a “Big 3” in the industry — SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment — company album sales have definitely changed in recent years, and the highest profiting companies are less predictable now.

These are the 15 K-Pop companies that contributed the most album sales in 2020, based on Hanteo‘s charts.

15. Woollim Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 1%

Contributing artists: Lovelyz, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, DRIPPIN

Best-selling album of 2020: Take a Leap by Golden Child (65k sales)

14. Play M Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 1.1%

Contributing artists: Apink, VICTON, Weeekly

Best-selling album of 2020: Continuous by VICTON (95k sales)

13. FNC Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 1.2%

Contributing artists: SF9, Cherry Bullet, P1Harmony, CNBLUE, N.Flying

Best-selling album of 2020: 9loryUS by SF9 (111k sales)

12. Cre.ker Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 1.3%

Contributing artists: THE BOYZ

Best-selling album of 2020: Chase by THE BOYZ (368k sales)

11. Cube Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 1.7%

Contributing artists: (G)I-DLE, PENTAGON, CLC

Best-selling album of 2020: I Trust by (G)I-DLE (154k sales)

10. KQ Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 1.7%

Contributing artists: ATEEZ

Best-selling album of 2020: ZERO: FEVER Part. 1 by ATEEZ (368k sales)

9. RBW

Total percentage contributed: 1.8%

Contributing artists: MAMAMOO (and solo members), ONEUS, ONEWE

Best-selling album of 2020: Travel by MAMAMOO (170k sales)

8. Konnect Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 1.9%

Contributing artists: Kang Daniel

Best-selling album of 2020: Magenta by Kang Daniel (338k sales)

7. Starship Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 2.4%

Contributing artists: MONSTA X, CRAVITY, Cosmic Girls, Wonho

Best-selling album of 2020: Fatal Love by MONSTA X (287k sales)

6. Swing Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 4%

Contributing artists: IZ*ONE, Natty

Best-selling album of 2020: Oneiric Diary by IZ*ONE (440k sales)

5. YG Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 6.2%

Contributing artists: BLACKPINK, TREASUREiKON, WINNER, Sechskies, Mino

Best-selling album of 2020: The Album by BLACKPINK (759k sales)

4. Pledis Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 7.6%

Contributing artists: SEVENTEEN, NU’EST

Best-selling album of 2020: Heng:garae by SEVENTEEN (1.15 million sales)

3. JYP Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 7.8%

Contributing artists: TWICE, Stray Kids, GOT7 (formerly), ITZY, DAY6

Best-selling album of 2020: MORE & MORE by TWICE (387k sales)

2. SM Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 20%

Contributing artists: NCT, TaeminBaekhyun, Suho, Kai, aespa, Taeyeon, SuperM, WAYV, BoA

Best-selling album of 2020: Delight by Baekhyun (927k sales)

1. BigHit Entertainment

Total percentage contributed: 25%

Contributing artists: BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN

Best-selling album of 2020: Map of the Soul: 7 by BTS (3.84 million sales)


Source: Korean Sales Twitter