The Most-Viewed Music Video Of 35 K-Pop Companies

Can you guess which labels are in the top five?

There are dozens of Korean entertainment companies that are in charge of K-Pop groups and soloists, though there are only a handful that are well-known among all fans of the music genre. Companies like SM EntertainmentJYP Entertainment, and BIGHIT MUSIC have enough fame among the general public for their music videos to pretty much automatically get high numbers of views, but there are smaller labels that have released surprisingly successful videos too! Here’s a look at the most-viewed music video of 25 Korean entertainment companies, from least to most total views.

35. ALLART Entertainment

“Villain” by PIXY: 2.73 million views

34. KONNECT Entertainment

“Upside Down” by Kang Daniel: 23.7 million views

33. BrandNew Music

“Close” by AB6IX: 26.8 million views


“Ice Age” by MCND: 30.0 million views

31. Mystic Story Entertainment

“GingaMingaYo” by Billlie: 30.6 million views

30. C9 Entertainment

“Wave” by CIX: 31.2 million views

29. Jellyfish Entertainment

“Chained Up” by VIXX: 32.0 million views

28. Fantagio

“Candy Sugar Pop” by ASTRO: 43.3 million views

27. FNC Entertainment

“Summer Breeze” by SF9: 49.3 million views

26. Woollim Entertainment

“Bad” by INFINITE: 54.3 million views

25. WM Entertainment

“Dun Dun Dance” by OH MY GIRL: 56.1 million views

24. BlockBerry Entertainment

“Paint the Town” by LOONA: 70.0 million views

23. Dreamcatcher Company

“BOCA” by Dreamcatcher: 72.9 million views

22. High Up Entertainment

“Stereotype” by STAYC: 75.0 million views

21. DSP Entertainment

“Don’t Recall” by KARD: 89.6 million views

20. MNH Entertainment

“Gotta Go” by Chungha: 101.2 million views

19. BELIFT Labs

“Drunk-Dazed” by ENHYPEN: 117.8 million views

18. KQ Entertainment

“Wonderland” by ATEEZ: 125.1 million views

17. The Black Label

“Dumb Dumb” by Somi: 155.1 million views

16. IST Entertainment

“After School” by Weeekly: 157.1 million views

15. AOMG

“Mommae” by Jay Park: 158.0 million views


“WA DA DA” by Kep1er: 162.7 million views

13. ADOR

“OMG” by NewJeans: 169.7 million views

12. Source Music

“ANTIFRAGILE” by LE SSERAFIM: 192.3 million views

11. Starship Entertainment

“Love Dive” by IVE: 235.5 million views

10. Pledis Entertainment

“Don’t Wanna Cry” by SEVENTEEN: 261.5 million views

9. Kakao Entertainment

“BBIBBI” by IU: 262.9 million views

8. Cube Entertainment

“TOMBOY” by (G)I-DLE: 274.2 million views

7. Yuehua Entertainment

“DUN DUN” by EVERGLOW: 285.0 million views

6. RBW

“HIP” by MAMAMOO: 397.8 million views

5. SM Entertainment

“Love Shot” by EXO: 586.0 million views

4. MLD Entertainment

“BBoom BBoom” by MOMOLAND: 615.1 million views

3. JYP Entertainment

“What Is Love?” by TWICE: 743.5 million views


“Dynamite” by BTS: 1.75 billion views

1. YG Entertainment

“Gangnam Style” by PSY: 4.91 billion views