20 Cursed K-Pop Images That You Won’t Be Able To Unsee

You’ve been forewarned.

The K-Pop world is full of beautiful aesthetics, gorgeous idols, and flawless visuals. However, even in a world as pretty as K-Pop, there are bound to be some… Startling moments.

On Reddit, fans have accumulated various “cursed” images of K-Pop idols, where these beloved celebrities seem to be suddenly possessed by some otherworldly force that make them look… Off. Here are 20 of these images that you’ll never be able to unsee.

1. Tzuyu’s unnatural arm bend.

Almost everything about this picture shows off TWICE‘s Tzuyu’s stunning beauty… Except for the fact that her left arm seems to be bent at an impossible angle during a “Dance the Night Away” performance.

2. Jun the puppet.

SEVENTEEN‘s Jun’s elbows are so high up that he looks like a marionette on strings, doesn’t he?

3. Actually possessed DK?

Speaking of SEVENTEEN members… S.Coups better look out, DK looks like he’s coming for him.

4. Taemin’s insane reach.

Something about the perspective of this image makes SHINee‘s Taemin look like his arms can stretch unnaturally long…

5. Demonic Jimin.

As frightening as he looks in this image… BTS‘s Jimin still looks pretty dang fine, doesn’t he?

6. Wild-haired Sunmi.

Sunmi’s dancing is so powerful that it makes her hair defy gravity!

7. Ominous Naeun.

APRIL‘s Naeun is still beautiful, but the way her face is in the shadows in this image makes her appear threatening…

8. Unfortunate V.

The force of BTS’s V’s dancing appears to have briefly aged him about 50 years.

9. Joohoney with regrets.

How did MONSTA X‘s Joohoney even end up in this predicament?

10. Model Mingyu.

Probably one of the less cursed images on this list, but SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu’s modeling is still quite questionable.

11. Are you okay Jin?

This image appears pretty normal, until you take a closer look at BTS‘s Jin’s eyes. You okay, buddy?

12. Excited Taeil.

Between the low quality of this image and the lighting of the stage, NCT‘s Taeil looks like he’s had a little too much caffeine.

13. Taemin the giraffe.

Between Taemin’s iconic bowl haircut and his unnaturally long neck, this image is priceless.

14. Leo vs. static electricity.

It looks like VIXX‘s Leo could have just been zapped with lightning before this picture was taken!

15. Kai’s tiny mouth.

The curvature of the glass in front of EXO‘s Kai’s mouth makes him look like a Sims character that someone had a little too much fun with.

16. … Whatever is going on here.

The lovely ladies of TWICE still manage to pull this look off… But something about it is still a bit eerie.

17. Suga your sleep paralysis demon.

BTS’s RM seems a little too happy to have a possessed-looking Suga hanging out with him on the toilet.

18. Did someone punch D.O.?

From the angle of this image, it almost looks like EXO’s Chanyeol could have done it himself!

19. Pinky with the killer model pose.

Former PRISTIN member Pinky really showed off just how flexible her spine is in this image.

20. And finally, Taeyeon’s beautiful legs.

Long legs and lean proportions are often praised in K-Pop… But this optical illusion might go a bit too far!

Source: Reddit and Reddit