These 15 K-Pop Artists Have Won The Most Daesang Awards Of All Time

They should all be really proud.

In K-Pop, a daesang award is basically the most coveted award you can receive. It is considered the highest award an artist can receive on music shows such as the Seoul Music Awards, the Golden Disk Awards, and the Mnet Asian Music Awards. These awards include Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Worldwide Icon of the Year, among others, and are determined by physical and digital sales by the artists.

The following 15 K-Pop artists have won the most daesang awards in the industry to date.

15. g.o.d

g.o.d debuted all the way back in 1999, and earned 4 daesang awards in their time. They sold a total of 5.17 million albums, which was huge in thier day!

14. H.O.T

H.O.T is also an older group, debuting in 1996. This five-member boy group under SM Entertainment also won 4 of these prestigious awards!

13. TVXQ

TVXQ, debuting in 2004, has been through some major member line-up changes in their time after Junso, Jaejoong, and Yoochun left. However, the group has still won 5 total daesangs with 3.31 million album sales!

12. SG Wannabe

This boy group debuted in 2004. The trio won a total of 5 daesangs, with 1.93 million album sales.

11. Kim Gunmo

This talented solo artist debuted in 1992. He sold well over 10 million total albums, and won 5 daesang awards during his time actively promoting.

10. IU

IU debuted in 2008, and it has been a very successful 12 years for her! She, too, has won 5 daesang awards, with a total of 844.9k album sales.

9. Jo Sungmo

Yet another successful solo artist on this list, Jo Sungmo debuted in 1998. Releasing over a dozen albums, he received 6 total daesangs during his actively promoting days.

8. 2NE1

This powerful girl group certainly had a lot of huge hits and success during their time together! Debuting in 2009, they also won 6 daesang awards, with 681.5k album sales.

7. Super Junior

This group is still going pretty strong today, despite debuting all the way back in 2005! In their 15 years so far, they’ve earned 7 daesang awards and have sold 4.09 million albums.

6. PSY

This household name debuted in 2001, long before his “Gangnam Style” days. He has won 7 daesang awards as well, with 519.0k album sales in total.

5. Girls’ Generation

Though they haven’t released new music in quite a while, Girls’ Generation was called the nation’s girl group for a reason! They have won a total of 9 daesangs, and have sold 2.92 million album copies.


Yet another group that hasn’t been active in a while but hopefully will be again someday, BIGBANG debuted in 2006. Since then, they’ve won 10 daesang awards, and have sold 3.26 million albums.


The highest-ranking girl group on this list, TWICE has become immensely popular in their 5 years since their 2015 debut! They’ve won an impressive 12 daesang awards, and are the best-selling girl group of all time with 5.19 million album sales.

2. EXO

The runner up is none other than EXO, who debuted in 2012. Despite a lot of member line-up changes, they still found popularity and success and have so far won 21 daesang awards, which is a ton! They’ve also sold 10.27 million albums.

1. BTS

And finally, of course, is BTS. Debuting in 2013, this powerhouse has won an incredible 38 total daesang awards, which is beyond impressive. They’ve also sold 21.69 million album copies to date, though it’s bound to increase rapidly soon with their upcoming album.