18 K-Pop Idols Literally Trusted Their Members With Their Lives

They have to trust each other 100%.

Between gravity-defying acrobatics and ridiculously quick footwork, no one is going to accuse K-Pop of playing it safe! While most of the time the moves are dependant on each individual member, there are some other stunts that involved more than one person. These are the moves that prove that every group is a team and have to trust each other 100%!


1. The time SHINee actually threw Taemin in “Everybody”

At the very beginning of “Everybody”, the members actually pick Taemin off the ground and throw him to the front of the group! One wrong move from any of them, including Taemin, and he could have gotten hurt.


2. The human jump rope move in SPEED’s “Don’t Tease Me”

If you’ve scrolled through any K-Pop feed you’ve probably come across a gif of this move before! The human jump rope is a signature move by SPEED and definitely shows that the members trusted each other to pull this off!


3. VIXX’s human slingshot in “Voodoo Doll”

This crazy move has the member’s grabbing onto Ken‘s limbs and throwing him over Ravi! The move is super impressive, but we can’t help but imagine the back pain Ken must have felt.


4. BTS Jimin’s back climb in “No More Dream”

BTS has done some amazing trick moves of their own and this move in “No More Dream” had Jimin relying on Jungkook‘s strength to keep him aloft.


5. SF9’s full-on acrobatics in “Jungle Game”

SF9‘s “Jungle Game” had a whole bunch of stunts fit into a small period of time. The amazing display wouldn’t have worked if a single member was in the wrong place at any point of the performance.


6. The equally as impressive launch in SPEED’s “Don’t Tease Me”

SPEED didn’t just have their human jump rope move in “Don’t Tease Me”, they also had this incredibly high jump that launched one member over the others.


7. The crazy leg action in UP10TION’s “Attention”

While this move by UP10TION is done by each member, each member in front of the next puts their trust in the fact that the person behind them won’t accidentally kick them in the head.


8. Miss A’s trusting headstands in “Breathe”

Boys aren’t the only ones who have tried some interesting tricks. Miss A did this interesting pedaling headstand move during “Breathe”.


9. NCT’s superhero move in “Fire Truck”

A superhero flight supported by the other members? NCT‘s got you covered in “Fire Truck”!


10. KARD Somin putting all her trust in Super Junior during “Lo Siento”

Even though they are from two different groups, Somin and Super Junior‘s moves in “Lo Siento” are so flawless that you can’t help but admire them!


11. The human pinwheel by SF9 in “K.O”

This mesmerizing and well-oiled pinwheel move just wouldn’t work if the boys didn’t trust each other!


12.  GOT7 Jackson trust fall in “If You Do”

What’s the ultimate test of friendship supposedly? Trust falls! And that’s exactly what Jackson did in “If You Do”. Luckily, Mark really was there to catch him!


13. The gravity-defying Suho in EXO’s “Monster”

Suho was defying the laws of gravity with the help of his members!


14. The liftoff in NCT’s “Fire Truck”

Kind of in the same vein as their other superhero move, NCT really brought their A-game in trust during “Fire Truck”.


15. NU’EST’s rebounding human chair in “Action”

The moment JR takes a leap back towards the other members you can’t help but imagine what could go wrong!


16. The leap of faith during BTS’s “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2”

Jimin‘s leap of J-Hope is a bit of a heart in your throat kind of moment. Good thing these boys trust each other!


17. The backwards fall in BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH”

Jennie also puts her friendship skills to the test when she does her own trust fall into the other girls!


18. GOT7 Mark’s giant leap

GOT7 aren’t strangers to doing trick shots but we can just imagine what could go wrong if Mark didn’t leap high enough or one of the other members was in the wrong place during this move!