Here Are The 15 Top Fan Favorite K-Pop Dance Practices Of 2021 So Far

Which of these dances has been your favorite?

The choreography aspect of K-Pop has always been an important part of the music genre, though in recent years it has seemed to become even more of a focus than it used to be, with pretty much every artist releasing at least one, if not more, dance practice or performance videos along with the original music video.


Although we’re only a couple of months into 2021, there have already been some amazing choreographies released, both from K-Pop groups as well as talented soloists!  The dance practice videos can be used for an assortment of purposes, such as for simple entertainment as well as so fans can learn the dances themselves for fun or performance.

Kang Daniel

Here are the 15 K-Pop dance practice videos that have the most likes in the year so far. Note that in the case of multiple dance practices for one song, only the one with the most likes is listed!

15. “Love So Sweet” by Cherry Bullet

Released on January 29, the “Love So Sweet” dance practice has 20.01k likes, along with 321.3k views!

14. “Burn It” by Golden Child

Released on February 3, the “Burn It” dance practice has 20.72k likes, along with 146.8k views!

13. “Wind Blows” by Dreamcatcher

Released on February 19, the “Wind Blows” dance practice has 31.03k likes, along with 199.0k views!

12. “What I Said” by VICTON

Released on January 19, the “What I Said” dance practice has 40.05k likes, along with 309.6k views!

11. “Gunshot” (Hanbok Ver.) by KARD

Released on February 11, the “Gunshot” (Hanbok Ver.) dance practice has 41.82k likes, along with 268.7k views!

10. “Yes No Maybe” by Suzy

Released on January 17, the “Yes No Maybe” dance practice has 50.84k likes, along with 1.03 million views!

9. “Paranoia” by Kang Daniel

Released on February 17, the “Paranoia” dance practice has 57.44k likes, along with 493.4k views!

8. “Odd Eye” by Dreamcatcher

Released on February 2, the “Odd Eye” dance practice has 64.47k likes, along with 496.7k views!

7. “Good Girl” by HyunA

Released on January 28, the “Good Girl” dance practice has 81.92k likes, along with 1.37 million views!

6. “Wrap Me In Plastic” by MOMOLAND ft. CHROMANCE

Released on February 5, the “Wrap Me In Plastic” dance practice has 137.5k likes, along with 3.34 million views!

5. “HWAA” by (G)I-DLE

Released on January 19, the “HWAA” dance practice has 164.2k likes, along with 2.49 million views!

4. “Bicycle” by Chungha

Released on February 17, the “Bicycle” dance practice has 169.9k likes, along with 2.10 million views!

3. “Tail” by Sunmi

Released on February 24, the “Tail” dance practice has 170.8k likes, along with 2.75 million views!

2. “I’m Not Cool” by HyunA

Released on February 11, the “I’m Not Cool” dance practice has 281.0k likes, along with 5.68 million views!

1. “Black Mamba” (Techwear Ver.) by aespa

Released on January 12, the “Black Mamba” (Techwear Ver.) dance practice has 362.6k likes, along with 5.01 million views!