K-Pop “Delusional GIFs” Is The New Viral Trend, Here’s What It Is

You didn’t know that you needed these in your life.

“Delusional GIFs” are the new viral trend with Korean K-Pop fans – and they’re super adorable!


“Delusional GIFs” are when Korean netizens take reaction GIFs of their biases and make up stories or situations that the reaction could fit in in everyday life.

“You’re taking the KTX and there’s this unnie who took your place by accident. You were going in to tell her she’s sitting at the wrong place… Never mind, she’s too pretty.”


They’re trending as the perfect insomnia remedy, with fans saying they’re the best when you can’t sleep at night.

“You guys are in a secret relationship at work, but the newbie keeps bothering you so your boyfriend finds it hard to concentrate.”


Fans mostly create fictional situations where the idol or actor in the GIF is their boyfriend or girlfriend, hence the name “delusional”.

“He told you that he was going to study with you for your exam until late
but he keeps dozing off every 10 minutes.”


But whether they’re unrealistic or not, they’re fun and way too cute for words.

“Taeyeon, you’re drunk, let’s go.”


Check out some more below:

1. “You’re at the beauty salon doing your hair and once you’re done you go to your best friend saying, ‘Here it is!’ While she replies, ‘Huh….yeah it’s pretty.’


2. “Boyfriend who’s pretending to be all cool in front of his girlfriend because of his pride, but completely regretting it the moment after…”


3. “Your older boyfriend came to the store to buy you makeup as a gift, but he doesn’t understand the explanation.”


4. “Your oppas reacting to you saying you were going to the club with friends while wearing a sleeveless shirt, hot pants and bold makeup.”


5. “‘Ah this bast*rd is pulling his moves again.‘ Your boyfriend came after class to bring you home and he discovers that your hoobae is acting all close to you again.”


6. “Boyfriend who came out to meet you on a cold day in winter.
You say, ‘Do I have to change my clothes? I just want to eat bungeoppang,’ and he laughs at you because you’re cute.”


7. “The guy at the gym who only works out when he’s standing right next to you.”


8. “How he looks when he has a crush on me and I ask him, “Is there a girl you like?'”


9. “You’re watching TV because of an actor that you like without paying attention to your boyfriend’s words and he says to you soullessly, ‘Ha, who am I talking to?'”


10. “You got a video assignment to do and you’re testing your camera while your sunbae is teasing you.”


11. “He’s crushing on you and you got caught with the penalty during a drinking game…because he wasn’t expecting you to do a one-shot he’s secretly enjoying it.”


12. “Sunbae who took care of my hangover because I was drunk yesterday night… While thanking him, he just walks by with a gaze saying, ‘It’s fine’.”

Source: Pann Nate (1), (2), (3) and (4) and Pann Choa