These Are The 25 Most Disliked K-Pop Music Videos Of All Time

Why the hate??

The ability to like music videos on YouTube can be great for feedback from K-Pop fans, and oftentimes the most popular artists can get hundreds of thousands or even millions of likes from people that enjoy their content.

“Signal” music video

However, there can be a downside to this, and that comes in the form of a dislike button. Whether due to genuine dislike or random and pointless hate, sometimes certain artists get an unusually high amount of dislikes on their music videos.

Here are the 25 K-Pop music videos that have the highest percentage of dislikes, some of which might really come as a surprise!

25. “Gang” by Rain

Released on December 1, 2017, this song has 220.6k likes and 20.8k dislikes, giving it an 8.62% dislike ratio.

24. “Lalala” by SG WANNABE

This song has 24.3k likes and 2.5k dislikes, giving it a 9.33% dislike ratio.


Released on June 26, 2018, this song has 1.82 million likes and 190.4k dislikes, giving it a 9.47% dislike ratio.

22. “TT” by TWICE

Released on October 23, 2016, this song has 4.01 million likes and 425.2k dislikes, giving it a 9.59% dislike ratio.

21. “Thumbs Up” by MOMOLAND

Released on December 30, 2019, this song has 602.8k likes and 72.7k dislikes, giving it a 10.76% dislike ratio.

20. “Ring My Bell” by Girl’s Day

Released on July 6, 2015, this song has 193.0k likes and 24.3k dislikes, giving it an 11.18% dislike ratio.

19. “Who’s Your Mama?” by J.Y. Park ft. Jessi

Released on April 11, 2015, this song has 608.4k likes and 77.3k dislikes, giving it an 11.27% dislike ratio.

18. “Gangnam Style” by PSY

Released on July 15, 2012, this song has 20.53 million likes and 2.66 million dislikes, giving it an 11.47% dislike ratio.

17. “Uh-ee” by Crayon Pop

Released on March 31, 2014, this song has 116.9k likes and 15.4k dislikes, giving it an 11.64% dislike ratio.

16. “Ice Cream” by HyunA

Released on October 21, 2012, this song has 521.7k likes and 69.3k dislikes, giving it an 11.73% dislike ratio.

15. “Korea” by PSY

Released on July 30, 2012, this song has 207.1k likes and 27.9k dislikes, giving it an 11.87% dislike ratio.

14. “Bar Bar Bar” by Crayon Pop

Released on June 23, 2013, this song has 391.5k likes and 53.6k dislikes, giving it a 12.04% dislike ratio.

13. “Gentleman” by PSY

Released on April 13, 2013, this song has 6.59 million likes and 912.5k dislikes, giving it a 12.16% dislike ratio.

12. “Cha Cha” by Rainbow Blaxx

Released on January 19, 2014, this song has 45.7k likes and 6.85k dislikes, giving it a 13.04% dislike ratio.

11. “Knock Knock” by TWICE

Released on February 19, 2017, this song has 2.12 million likes and 352.0k dislikes, giving it a 14.24% dislike ratio.

10. “Summer Breeze” by SF9

Released on July 5, 2020, this song has 504.7k likes and 85.7k dislikes, giving it a 14.52% dislike ratio.

9. “Vibrato” by Stellar

Released on July 19, 2015, this song has 140.0k likes and 23.9k dislikes, giving it a 14.58% dislike ratio.

8. “Signal” by TWICE

Released on May 15, 2017, this song has 2.22 million likes and 382.0k dislikes, giving it a 14.68% dislike ratio.

7. “I’m So Hot” by MOMOLAND

Released on March 20, 2019, this song has 1.00 million likes and 178.5k dislikes, giving it a 15.15% dislike ratio.

6. “Oppa Is Just My Style” by PSY ft. HyunA

Released on August 14, 2012, this song has 2.60 million likes and 520.1k dislikes, giving it a 16.67% dislike ratio.

5. “Hangover” by PSY ft. Snoop Dogg

Released on June 8, 2014, this song has 2.19 million likes and 484.1k dislikes, giving it an 18.10% dislike ratio.

4. “Lonely Christmas” by Crayon Pop

Released on December 1, 2013, this song has 65.6k likes and 14.9k dislikes, giving it an 18.51% dislike ratio.

3. “Banana Chacha” by MOMOLAND

Released on April 4, 2019, this song has 221.8k likes and 51.4k dislikes, giving it a 18.81% dislike ratio.

2. “Marionette” by Stellar

Released on February 11, 2014, this song has 145.7k likes and 47.4k dislikes, giving it a 24.55% dislike ratio.

1. “For the Night” by As One

Released on October 28, 2014, this song has 56.8k likes and 33.6k dislikes, giving it a 37.17% dislike ratio.