10 Of The Most Expensive Pieces Of K-Pop Merchandise That Will Break Your Bank

Who can afford this??

Many K-Pop fans are willing to fork out a fair amount of money to buy merchandise from their favorite idols or groups. There’s so much fun, unique, and exciting merch out there, how can a person resist? However, sometimes when an item is rare or limited edition, the prices for such things can inflate dramatically when they’re no longer available and fans have to resort to other means to get these highly coveted goods. Here are 10 of some of the current most expensive pieces of merch out there, as researched painstakingly by hardworking fan Jessica viba.

1. Rare 1st Generation BTS Plush Dolls – $1,100-$1,700

2. Realistic BIGBANG’s Taeyang Action Figure – $440

3. I.O.I.’s/DIA’s Chaeyeon Signed Pink Sweatshirt – $400

4. TWICE Strike Zone Signed Baseball 9 Piece Set – $1,125

5. Ex-Girls’ Generation’s Jessica’s Signed Concert Ball- $225

6. MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Signed ISAC 2016 Nametag – $275

7. NCT’s Taeyong Customized Off-White Nike Air Force One Sneakers – $1,650

8. BIGBANG Panda Glow Light – $1,100

9. DAY6 “The Present” Limited Edition Fleece Zip-Up – $320

10. IU 2019 “Love, Poem” Concert Limited Edition Light Stick – $150-$350

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