The 10 Most Expensive Pieces Of K-Pop Merch You Can Buy On Ebay Right Now

One is going for $235,000!

Regular K-Pop merch can be expensive on its own, but when a piece of merch is particularly rare and/or old, it can be worth a ridiculous amount of money! You can find all kinds of unique K-Pop listings on Ebay, and while much of it is reasonably priced, there are some that are going for a very high price. Here are the 10 most expensive pieces of K-Pop merch currently on the site!

10. 115 Piece NCT Taeyong Photocard Set

This impressive set of photocards of the NCT leader is going for $1,550.00 on Ebay!

9. DREAMCATCHER Official The Show Limited Edition 300 Photocard Set

This rare and limited edition set of 300 Dreamcatcher photocards has an asking price of $1,599.99!

8. Super Junior Sorry Sorry All-Member Signed Album

This all-member signed Super Junior album that came out in 2009 is listed for $1,999.00!

7. CHUBBYGANG Magazine Signed By Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

This rare piece of merchandise with Sooyoung’s signature is going for $2,000.00!

6. IU’s Modern Times – Epilogue Repackaged Album

This rare album by the beloved IU has an asking price of $2,000.00.

5. BTS’s Skool Luv Affair (Special Addition) Original First Print Album

This highly coveted first edition of one of BTS’s first albums is listed at $2,500.00!

4. Seven Signed GFRIEND Albums Collection

These seven signed albums of the now-disbanded GFRIEND could be yours for the price of $3,000.00.

3. IU Official Special Remake Vinyl Album Uaena Flower

Yet another rare IU album makes this list, and its asking price is $3,999.99!

2. Signed Lee Soo Man New Age Music 1 LP Vinyl Record

SM Entertainment‘s founder has a very rare 1989 signed vinyl album that’s going for $14,999.00 on Ebay.

1. Lee Soo Man New Age 2 LP Vinyl Record

And finally, an even rarer 1989 vinyl record from Lee Soo Man has an incredible listing price of $235,000.00!