These Are The 20 Fan-Favorite 2021 K-Pop Music Videos Of 2021 So Far

What has your favorite comeback of the year been?

We recently took a look at the most-watched K-Pop music videos of the year so far, and as is often the case, they actually don’t match up with the most-liked music videos of the year.


Since fans can watch YouTube videos as often as they like but can only like a video once per account, likes are usually a somewhat more reliable source on which music videos are being the most well-received than just looking at the views alone.

NCT’s Yuta

These are the most-liked K-Pop music videos that have been released in 2021 so far!

20. “Odd Eye” by Dreamcatcher

Released on January 26, this music video has 487.7k likes along with 32.1 million views.

19. “Bicycle” by Chungha

Released on February 15, this music video has 514.2k likes along with 24.4 million views.

18. “Not Shy” (English Version) by ITZY

Released on January 21, this music video has 551.5k likes along with 7.61 million views.

17. “Good Girl” by HyunA

Released on February 3, this music video has 601.9k likes along with 7.30 million views.

16. “Blue Hour” (Japanese Version) by TXT

Released on January 19, this music video has 604.1k likes along with 4.48 million views.

15. “U Mad” by Bobby

Released on January 25, this music video has 615.2k likes along with 5.68 million views.

14. “Way Home” by TXT

Released on February 13, this music video has 654.2k likes along with 3.82 million views.

13. “Fireworks (I’m The One)” by ATEEZ

Released on March 1, this music video has 665.4k likes along with 9.70 million views.

12. “Switch To Me” by Dahyun & Chaeyoung (TWICE)

Released on February 10, this music video has 694.6k likes along with 9.36 million views.

11. “Get You Alone” by Baekhyun

Released on January 3, this music video has 708.4k likes along with 6.17 million views.

10. “Maknae On Top” by I.N (Stray Kids)

Released on January 15, this music video has 945.3k likes along with 9.80 million views.

9. “Forever” by aespa

Released on February 5, this music video has 1.13 million likes along with 29.0 million views.

8. “My Treasure” by TREASURE

Released on January 11, this music video has 1.14 million likes along with 24.2 million views.

7. “HWAA” by (G)I-DLE

Released on January 11, this music video has 1.15 million likes along with 62.2 million views.

6. “Don’t Call Me” by SHINee

Released on February 22, this music video has 1.26 million likes along with 27.0 million views.

5. “Encore” by GOT7

Released on February 20, this music video has 1.31 million likes along with 9.29 million views.

4. “Gimme Gimme” by NCT 127

Released on February 15, this music video has 1.57 million likes along with 16.7 million views.

3. “I’m Not Cool” by HyunA

Released on January 28, this music video has 1.60 million likes along with 25.6 million views.

2. “Celebrity” by IU

Released on January 27, this music video has 2.07 million likes along with 47.2 million views.

1. “Dream ON” by BTS

Released on January 15, this music video has 3.19 million likes along with 26.4 million views.