10 K-Pop Fan Opinions That Will Make You Scream “THIS!”

Thank goodness for the people who put their opinions out there.

Sometimes, you see fellow fan opinions online and you just can’t help but scream, “THIS!” Whenever you find someone who shares the same thought of you in the vastness of the Internet, you can’t help but get excited and feel some kind of kinship towards them. (Great minds think alike, after all!)

1. When bias meets bias wrecker

Your bias is just living their best life when the bias wrecker comes along and you’re just clawing at your face unsure how to proceed.


2. How to stay entertained during quarantine

You don’t necessarily have to stan ONEUS (although it’s a good idea). Just… stan K-Pop in general.


3. Let’s talk about that

Okay, this isn’t really an opinion, we just wanted an excuse to talk about NCT Dream. lmao


4. Culture is not a costume

It’s frustrating when people don’t realize the seriousness of cultural appropriation. While it’s important to allow people who make mistakes the opportunity to grow and learn, it’s disheartening when excuses are made for poor decisions.


5. It’s called “sexual harassment”

We don’t think anything extra needs to be said here.


6. Stan whoever you want

Like who you like. You do you and live your best fan life.


7. K-Pop is misunderstood

Unfortunately, K-Pop and K-Pop stans are often misunderstood and looked upon as cringe by people outside of the community.


8. Thank you for your hard work

These fansubbers are really out there doing God’s work.


9. Appreciating women in K-Pop

Women, in general, tend to be underappreciated. Whether it’s their accomplishments, sacrifices, or anything else, they’re often downplayed or mocked for wanting an even playing field. Let’s give women and the women of K-Pop the props they deserve.


10. Luck is a factor in one’s success

No matter how hard one works, it’s undeniable that luck plays a factor in success.


With the Internet being as vast as it is, it was nearly impossible to narrow this list down to just 10 posts. What are your favorite opinion posts on the web?