Here Are The 12 Most Watched K-Pop Fancams Of 2019

Who came out on top?

While most people enjoy watching live stages of their favorite K-Pop groups as a whole, it can also be fun to watch individual fancams of different members to see how they look on stage on their own.  Single member fancams have become increasingly popular as the K-Pop fandom grows, and many of them are garnering an impressive amount of views.

Here’s a countdown of the 12 most watched fancams from 2019.

12. BTS’s V: “Boy With Luv” (5.8 million)

11. TWICE’s Jihyo: “Fancy” (6 million)

10. BTS’s V: “Pied Piper” (6.5 million)

9. BTS’s Jimin: “Boy With Luv” (6.6 million)

8. BLACKPINK’s Jennie: “Don’t Know What To Do” (6.9 million)

7. BLACKPINK’s Lisa: “Swalla” (7.8 million)

6. BLACKPINK’s Lisa: “Swalla” (again) (9.4 million)

5. BLACKPINK’s Rose: “Kill This Love” (9.7 million)

4. BLACKPINK’s Lisa: “Kill This Love” (10 million)

3. BLACKPINK’s Lisa: “Take Me” + “Swalla” (13 million)

2. BTS’s Jungkook: “Boy With Luv” (53 million)

1. BTS’s V: “Boy With Luv” (again) (68 million)