Get Ready To Be Offended: These Are The 15 “Most Annoying” K-Pop Fandoms, According To 30,000+ Votes

Who else is a proud member of an “annoying” fandom? โœ‹

K-Pop fans can unfairly get a bad reputation from people not in their fandom, or not even into K-Pop at all, which can lead to misunderstandings and unrealistic stereotypes. There’s a lot of passion involved in supporting a K-Pop artist, and for those who don’t understand it, it can be seen as over-the-top or annoying. On polling website KingChoice, a poll was even created for people to vote for who they think are the most annoying fandoms!

Of course, the results are entirely subjective, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Here are the 15 top “most annoying” K-Pop fandoms according to this poll — though with each fandom, we’ve included some admirable and sweet examples of fans being supportive of their faves!

15. SONE (Girls’ Generation Fandom)

14. NCTzen (NCT Fandom)

13. Cassiopeia (TVXQ Fandom)

12. Orbit (LOONA Fandom)

11. Blackjack (2NE1 Fandom)

10. Wannable (Wanna One Fandom)

9. VIP (BIGBANG Fandom)

8. iKONIC (iKON Fandom)

7. ReVeluv (Red Velvet Fandom)

6. ELF (Super Junior Fandom)

5. ONCE (TWICE Fandom)

4. EXO-L (EXO Fandom)

3. Merry Go Round (MOMOLAND Fandom)

2. ARMY (BTS Fandom)


Source: KingChoice