K-Pop Fans Agree That These 11 Songs Have Lyrics That Are Peak Cringe

Even the best bops can have some cringey parts 😬

There are so many amazing K-Pop songs out there with deep, meaningful lyrics that many fans can relate to and be inspired by. On the other hand, there are also some K-Pop songs whose lyrics are a bit questionable or cringey when you think about them! Recently on Reddit, K-Pop fans discussed some songs with lyrics that they can’t help but cringe to, and these are 11 of their top choices.

1. “Step Back” by GOT the Beat

2. “You Calling My Name” by GOT7

3. “Dynamite” by BTS

4. “Wolf” by EXO

5. “Tomboy” by (G)I-DLE

6. “You Can’t Sit With Us” by Sunmi

7. “O.O” by NMIXX

8. “No More Perfume On You” by TEEN TOP

9. “Bicycle” by Chungha

10. “Money” by Lisa

11. “WOW” by 3RACHA (Stray Kids)

Source: Reddit
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