K-Pop Fans Choose 16 Things Within Their Personal Fandoms That Non-Fans Should Know About

Some things go beyond fandom borders

When you’re in a particular K-Pop fandom, oftentimes you want to spread your love for that group to other people, so that they can enjoy the same things that you do. While it can be hard to succeed in this, sometimes there are certain events or things that happen with your favorite group that are enjoyable, inspiring, or funny enough for people even outside of the fandom to really enjoy. Fans recently listed many of these occurrences on a public forum, and here are 16 of the top choices.

1. IZ*ONE’s Yena’s battle with lymphoma

Yena miraculously survived lymphoma, a type of cancer, when she was a child, even though doctors told her parents she likely wouldn’t make it.

2. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa getting a win for “Twit” on the same day that the group had a comeback stage

This moment of her fellow members celebrating with her is so incredibly touching.

3. PENTAGON’s acapella version of “Shine”

This acapella version of one of their most popular songs has such a different feel, but is extremely pleasant to listen to.

4. GFRIEND’s iconic 2x speed dance

Some fans claim that GFRIEND started the 2x dance speed craze with their incredible skills at the challenge.

5. N.Flying’s medley of Queen songs

This awesome cover of the legendary British rock band’s songs is really impressive!

6. NCT’s Ten and Winwin’s dance choreography to “Lovely” by Billie Eilish and Khalid

The members choreographed this enchanting video themselves, as well as came up with the concept for it, and it’s enough to give you goosebumps.

7. GOT7’s JB and Youngjae’s extremely emotional rendition of “1:31AM”

The tears were flowing freely during this touching performance by the boys.

8. Dreamcatcher’s SuA’s hilarious 30 second vlog

It really gives a sense of her loud, chaotic, and goofy personality that anyone could appreciate.

9. VIXX’s Ken’s ability to perfectly imitate the sound of a mosquito

This is a bit of a silly one… But it’s actually pretty impressive how perfect it sounds!

10. When ITZY’s Lia became the new superhero “Strawberry Flail”

While the other members look cool in their superhero outfits, Lia struggles to keep up… But still looks adorable.

11. SEVENTEEN’s “Comeback” song with Hoshi and DK

Everyone can get a laugh out of this silly dance and song promoting one of the group’s past comebacks.

12. LOONA’s Haseul’s opera singing abilities

Talk about an impressive vocalist! Not many K-Pop idols have this kind of talent.

13. VIXX’s N’s “Passionate Tango” dances

N shows his incredible ability to blend feminine and masculine styles of dancing together in this gorgeous piece.

14. BIGBANG’s K-Drama parody

This project is old, but hilarious and iconic and something that VIPs will never forget about.

15. PENTAGON’s Jinho’s cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Yet another cover of the extremely popular song, and really well-done!

16. Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon and Dami’s impressive high note battle

Siyeon shows off her incredible singing skills in this hilarious clip.

Source: Forum