Old K-Pop Fans Claim That 4th Gen Idols Don’t Have Any Outstanding Talents; Here Are 10+ Idols That Prove Them Wrong

The fourth generation has far more than just pretty visuals.

Recently on a public forum, an apparent OG K-Pop fan made a post claiming that the fourth generation of K-Pop — including groups like Stray KidsITZYATEEZaespa, and many others — are all visuals, and no talent. They list off different idols from the past generations that stood out to them, while saying that no one in the fourth generation has done the same.

While there’s no denying that there are some gorgeous fourth generation K-Pop idols, there are so many individuals that also stand out for their special talents in different areas, whether it be vocals, rapping, or dancing! Here are 10+ different K-Pop idols (though there are certainly many more) from the latest generation of K-Pop that have already made a name for themselves in their respective specialties.

1. Jongho (ATEEZ)

There’s a reason that many people, from ATEEZ fans to professional singers, consider Jongho to be one of — if not the — best singers of the fourth generation of K-Pop. Not only is his range incredibly impressive, but he’s able to maintain his stability even while performing ATEEZ’s complex choreography!

2. Changbin + Han (Stray Kids)

Changbin and Han are both talented rappers in their own rights as individual artists, but it would be wrong not to include both of them on this list! They have been named by many to be two of the strongest rappers of this generation of K-Pop, and they also produce a lot of their own music!

3. NingNing (aespa)

NingNing is still in the beginning stages of her idol career, but already she has made a place for herself among SM Entertainment‘s list of extremely talented vocalists, which the company is known to have. It’s exciting to see how she’ll continue to improve as aespa’s career goes on!

4. Yeonjun (TXT)

While all of the members of TXT are undoubtedly skilled dancers and performers, many fans think that Yeonjun in particular stands out due to his technical skill and facial expressions when he performs. And the fact that he can stand out in this already very talented group is impressive!

5. Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

When K-Pop fans think of talented female rappers that are currently active in the industry, it wouldn’t be surprising if many think of Soyeon. As the leader and producer of much of (G)I-DLE’s music as well as just a phenomenal performer and rapper, there’s no way anyone could say that she doesn’t stand out!

6. Yedam (TREASURE)

Yedam is another contender for one of the best male vocalists of this generation of K-Pop. Though he has only been an idol for about a year and a half, his talent is clear to see from many years ago with videos of his performances easy to watch online. And he can only get better with time!

7. Yunho (ATEEZ)

Though San might get the most attention for his phenomenal stage presence (and rightly so) among ATEEZ’s members, there’s a reason that Yunho is a main dancer of the group. Despite being six feet tall with long limbs — which makes dancing cleanly much harder — he’s very technically accurate and picks up dances so easily! He definitely deserves to be recognized for his skills.

8. Chaeyeon (former IZ*ONE)

Though Chaeyeon isn’t currently active in an idol group, her time with IZ*ONE gave her plenty of chances to show just how phenomenal of a dancer she is. Whether performing something powerful and energetic or elegant and slow, she always stands out among whoever she’s performing alongside!

9. Chaeryeong (ITZY)

Of course, if we include Chaeyeon on the list, we can’t not include her equally as talented sister, Chaeryeong! ITZY is a group known for their strong dancers, but even so, this stunning dancer still manages to stand out on a regular basis when the group performs just because she’s on another level.

10. Seungmin (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids not only has a very strong rap line, but Seungmin’s clean, clear vocals deserve to be recognized too! As the main vocalist of the group, his unique vocals really shine in the group’s songs, even with many of their title tracks being more rap-heavy.

11. Hongjoong + Mingi (ATEEZ)

Like Han and Changbin, it’s hard to talk about Hongjoong without Mingi and vice versa, even though their rap styles are very different and compliment each other extremely well! Mingi’s deep, husky tones beautifully contrast to Hongjoong’s more high-toned and energetic style, and even though they’re the only two rappers among ATEEZ’s eight members (though Seonghwa might show more of his rapping abilities soon!), they always stand out in the group’s songs.

12. Lia (ITZY)

While ITZY’s dance abilities are often what is most complimented about the group, main vocalist Lia really holds their songs together with her phenomenal vocals. Not to say the other members aren’t talented vocalists as well — because they definitely are! — but Lia’s unique sound and technical abilities set her apart from the rest.

13. Hwanwoong (ONEUS)

And finally, though ONEUS has only just recently started to get the attention they deserve with their first music show win, Hwanwoong has long been an underrated dancer in the fourth generation of K-Pop! His facial expressions are always so on point, and the fact that he has beautifully covered dances by SHINee‘s Taemin — one of the best dancers in K-Pop as a whole — shows just how talented he is.

Source: Pann-Choa