K-Pop Fans Come Up With 22 Albums That Run The Most Smoothly

These albums make for easy listening.

There are countless great K-Pop albums out there, though some might argue that some are better than others, even albums produced by the same group or artist. This is all a matter of opinion, of course, but some fans have compiled a list of some of the “smoothest” K-Pop albums that exist. These albums are cohesive in their entirety, running from one song to the next seamlessly, oftentimes as though telling a story. An album certainly doesn’t have to run smoothly to be good, so this isn’t necessarily a list of “best” albums, but these 22 have been deemed some of the easiest to listen to based on cohesiveness.

1. Red Velvet: Perfect Red Velvet

2. Wonder Girls: Reboot

3. Sunmi: Siren

4. EXO-CBX: Blooming Days

5. IU: Palette

6. SHINee: 1 of 1

7. Taeyeon: My Voice

8. f(x): Pink Tape

9. SEVENTEEN: You Made My Dawn

10. NU’EST: Canvas


12. ATEEZ: Treasure Ep. 1: All to Zero

13. NCT 127: Regular-Irregular

14. BTS: Wings

15. GOT7: 7 for 7

16. RM: Mono

17. EXO: The War

18. Jonghyun: She Is

19. JJ Project: Verse 2

20. HEIZE: /// (You, Clouds, Rain)

21. UP10TION: Laberinto


Source: Forum