K-Pop Fans Discuss 18 Disbanded Groups That Were Too Good For This World

They may no longer be together, but they’ll never be forgotten

All good things must come to an end eventually, and that’s what has happened to many K-Pop groups, whether within a year or over a decade or longer. Even if they’re not together anymore, however, fans still mourn over the loss of what once was and relive their careers through the music that they produced during their time. Here are 18 groups that fans think were just too good to last in this world.

1. After School

While their disbandment is unofficial, only one member, Nana, is still with the group after all the rest of the members “graduated” or went their separate ways. The group also created the sub-unit Orange Caramel, who have also disbanded. They debuted in 2009, and their last song, “Shine”, came out in 2014, so at least they had a good, if short, 5-year run.

2. Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel consisted of After School members Nana, Raina, and Lizzy. They were praised for their quirky, unusual style and unique concepts, but although they also haven’t officially disbanded like After School, only Nana remains, so a comeback is very unlikely.


SPICA officially disbanded on February 6, 2017, after their last comeback, “Secret Time”, came out in 2016. They debuted in January of 2012, and were praised for their powerful vocals and talent, but unfortunately just couldn’t last more than 5 years.


9MUSES, known for their extremely tall members with goddess-like proportions, debuted on August 12, 2010, with “Let’s Have a Party”.  The managed to last, coincidentally, 9 years before disbanding in February of 2019, after a ton of different member lineup changes.


SISTAR was once known as the queen group of summer with their bright, energetic songs usually released around the beginning of the season. They debuted on June 3, 2010 with the song “Push Push” and gradually became quite successful. Sadly, they decided mutually to disband in 2017 with Hyolyn desiring to pursue a solo career.


SPEED debuted in January of 2013, and sadly only lasted until November of 2015, despite their unique style and incredible dances, including “What U”, which they performed in Heelys!


PRISTIN is mourned by many K-Pop fans that resent how their company, Pledis Entertainment, managed them. While they showed great promise as group, scandals and poor management led to their eventual disbandment in May of 2019, only a little over 3 years since their 2016 debut with “Wee Woo”.

8. The Ark

The Ark only lasted a short while (less than a year) due to “problems within the company”, and only released one song, “The Light”, as their debut single. While people weren’t able to get a good chance to see what they could have become, fans still mourn their wasted potential.

9. 2NE1

What’s there to say about 2NE1? After their shocking and sudden disbandment in 2016 (which the members reportedly didn’t even know about themselves until they saw it on the news), fans were rightfully outraged at the unfairness. They were an extremely popular girl group that had a unique style and paved the way for many girl groups that came after them.

10. Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls debuted in February 2007 with the song “Irony”, and lasted until their disbandment January 26, 2017. They did last an entire decade, which is not extremely common for groups, but some fans feel like they disbanded during their peak, which is upsetting.

11. Stellar

Stellar’s story is tragic and upsetting, after fans found out how the girls were treated and forced to act in sexual ways that made them uncomfortable. Their songs were catchy and they undoubtedly had talent, but poor management led to their eventual disbandment in February 2018.

12. History

History debuted in April of 2013 with the song “Dreamer”, though they didn’t become much more well known until their thirst-inducing song “Might Just Die”. Even with that song, and a following somewhat successful comeback with “Queen”, the group disbanded in May 2017.


While HyunA is certainly still performing, fans still mourn the loss of 4MINUTE and their badass, female power style and concepts. They lasted from June 2009 until June of 2016, hitting that infamous 7-year mark that so many K-Pop groups are known to disband on.


C-Clown debuted with “Solo” on July 18, 2012, and lasted until October of 2015. While their discography isn’t huge, many fans enjoyed their style of music and wish that they had stayed around longer.

15. X1

X1 is a very upsetting group for many, since they had so much potential and so little time together. Created through the hit reality show Produce 101, they debuted in August of 2019 with “Flash”. Tragically, due to scandals involving vote manipulation and difficulties between members’ companies, the group disbanded only a few months later in January 2020.

16. B.A.P

B.A.P had many ups and downs in terms of contracts and management during their career, which lasted from their debut in January of 2012 with “Warrior” until all members eventually left TS Entertainment by February of 2018. Former member Jongup has mentioned a potential reunion in the future, but only time will tell if that will happen.


MADTOWN debuted in October of 2014 with the song “Mad Town”, and lasted until November of 2017 with the members going separate ways in terms of careers and solo projects, which many of them are still thriving in.

18. T-ARA

T-ARA was an extremely popular girl group back in the day, debuting in July of 2009 during the second generation of K-Pop. They lasted until December of 2017 – making it a little past the cursed 7 year mark – after leaving a huge impact on the industry.

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