Fans Discuss 11 K-Pop Songs They Couldn’t Stand At First But Now Have On Repeat

Sometimes it just takes a while for a song to grow on you

Most people can probably relate to this. Sometimes when a new K-Pop song comes out, it doesn’t vibe with you right away, even if it’s from one of your favorite groups. Sometimes, though, if you give the song another chance or two, you find that the sound grows on you, occasionally to the point where you become obsessed. It’s weird how music works like that! Here are 11 songs that fans said they hated at first but now can’t stop listening to.

1.  “Zimzalabim” by Red Velvet

“Not really recent but the first song I thought of was Zimzalabim. I was allergic to the song after the first listen… but now it’s one of my most repeated songs to date (top 5 in Spotify).”

2. “Black Swan” by BTS

“Black Swan (MV) by BTS, it was kinda good, when it first came out, I liked it (In a “it’s ok” way), listend to it a few times and was done with it for a while. But every day and every play I realize more and more how insanely good it is.”

3. “So What” by LOONA

I couldn’t even finish LOONA’s So What on first listen, but I listen to it a lot these days. I think there’s just so much going on and I was overwhelmed, needed a few days to process it”

4. “You Calling My Name” by GOT7

“It’s not super recent, but Got7’s You Calling My Name slowly crept up on me and now I can’t stop listening. Such a good song, and AMAZING choreo.”

5. “Dr. BeBe” by PENTAGON

“Pentagon’s Dr. BeBe. I was a bit too hard on this when it came out (the chorus didn’t have enough ‘hook’ for me) but it’s definitely grown on me a lot and I’ve been loving it recently.”

“Pentagon’s ‘Dr.Bebe’ the stages again really made this for me. Those high notes were unreal. That first stage where he truly risked life and limb flinging himself backwards as confetti flew out– love.”

6. “Kick It” by NCT 127

“NCT 127’s Kick It. Didn’t like at all at first listen.. but have been listening to it on repeat now?? The chanting chorus is surprisingly catchy.”

“NCT 127 Kick it, didn’t really get it at first, but was smiling like an idiot during second listen because I liked that song so much.”

7. “Hands Up” by Cherry Bullet

“The first time I listened to Hands Up I was just kinda like… wtf is this and couldn’t really get a hold on how I felt about it because it was so different and unexpected and then like a day later after listening to it on repeat I was obsessed.”

“Chebul’s ‘Hand’s Up’… I was not amused in the first listen. But after watching their stages the song grew on me a lot! Love their performances.”


“Wannabe by Itzy. DD and Icy were a bit too shouty and disjointed for me, and Wannabe sounded similar at first, but it’s really catchy and more melodic. I’ve been checking out the music show performances and they’re fun!”

9. “Do or Die” by AleXa

“AleXa’s Do or Die. the video is really well done and the storyline is interesting but i had to listen to the song a few times without the video to really get into it”

“Alexa’s ‘Do or Die’. It was just okay for me until I started watching dance covers and her live stages. Not sure why but the song definitely feels better in a performance type setting. I can now say it’s a fantastic song, I can finally see why some like it more than bomb.”

10. “ARIA” by CRAXY

“CRAXY’s ARIA. When I first listened to it I was very confused because of the unusual song structure. But with every listening it got better and better and now I absolutely love it.”

11. “Reveal” by The Boyz

“I listened to The Boyz Reveal when it came out and I was like ‘it’s good’ but it didn’t catched me. Rn I can’t stop listening to it lol. Shouldn’t have doubted The Boyz, they make great music”