Fans List 20 K-Pop B-Side Songs That Should Have Been Title Tracks

What do you think of these choices?

Music is, of course, a matter of taste. A song that one person loves might be one that another person hates, and that’s totally alright! However, there are a number of b-side K-Pop songs that have been recognized many times as being worthy of being the title track of their own album. Sometimes people like these b-sides even more than they like the actual title track of the album that they’re on! Here’s a list of 20 b-side tracks that fans think deserve this recognition.

1. BLACKPINK’s “Don’t Know What to Do”

2. Chungha’s “Chica”

3. TXT’s “Blue Orangeade”

4. TWICE’s “Sweet Talker”

5. MAMAMOO’s “Destiny”

6. BTS’s “Home”

7. Dreamcatcher’s “Silent Night”

8. BLACKPINK’s “Forever Young”

9. AB6IX’s “Shining Stars”

10. Red Velvet’s “Sunny Side Up”

11. EXO’s “Ooh La La La”

12. ITZY’s “Cherry”

13. CLC’s “Mistake”

14. TWICE’s “Stuck In My Head”

15. ATEEZ’s “Mist”

16. BTS’s “Magic Shop”

17. A.C.E.’s “Black and Blue”

18. LOONA’s “Satellite”

19. Stray Kids’ “Insomnia”

20. PENTAGON’s “Do it For Fun”