Fans List 12 K-Pop Songs With “Negative Connotations” That They Can’t Help But Love

They really are all bops…

Have you ever started listening to a K-Pop song that’s a total bop, only to later realize that the lyrics are a bit questionable? You definitely wouldn’t be the first. Recently, a post was created on Reddit for K-Pop fans to share songs that have “negative connotations” that are just so good that they still can’t help but love them. Here are 12 of their top choices!

1. “Baby Good Night” by B1A4

2. “Ice Cream Cake” by Red Velvet

3. “No More Perfume On You” by TEEN TOP

4. “Bad Alive” by WayV

5. “Psycho” by HISTORY

6. “Who’s Your Mama” by J.Y. Park (ft. Jessi)

7. “Baby Don’t Like It” by NCT 127

8. “Yes or Yes” by TWICE

9. “Step Back” by GOT the Beat

10. “War of Hormone” by BTS

11. “Cookie” by NewJeans

12. “Wolf” by EXO

Source: Reddit