K-Pop Fans Name 10 ACTUAL “No-Skip” Albums

Do you agree with this list?

When it comes to most K-Pop albums, it seems like there is always at least one B-side or two that most fans agree aren’t worth listening to when doing a full-album playthrough. There are some albums, however, that many fans consider “no-skip” albums, because every song on them is just that great! Recently on Reddit, K-Pop fans were asked to share which albums they believe are truly “no-skip” albums, and while many were shared, these were 10 of the top answers.

1. Don’t Mess Up My Tempo by EXO

2. The World EP.1: Movement by ATEEZ

3. Code Name: Arrow by UP10TION

4. KAI by Kai

5. Savage by aespa

6. I Burn by (G)I-DLE

What are some ACTUAL “no-skip” albums for you? from kpopthoughts

7. mono by RM

8. Reboot by Wonder Girls

9. [X X] by LOONA

10. Perfect Velvet by Red Velvet

Source: Reddit
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