Fans Name The “Career-Defining” Albums Of 8 K-Pop Artists

Do you agree with their choices?

Sometimes a K-Pop artist’s debut album is so groundbreaking that it helps them skyrocket into popularity right away; other times, it takes a while into their career before they release an album that truly defines their discography. Of course, this kind of album is subjective to some degree, though the success on charts and music awards definitely helps to show which albums are truly successful. Recently, K-Pop fans on Reddit were asked to share which albums they think were really “career-defining” in a K-Pop group’s career, and these are eight of their top answers.

1. Dystopia: The Tree of Language by Dreamcatcher

Title track(s): “Scream”

2. Most Beautiful Moment in Life Trilogy by BTS

Title track(s): “I Need You”, “Run”, “Epilogue: Young Forever”, “Fire”, and “Save Me”

3. XOXO by EXO

Title track(s): “Wolf” & “Growl”

4. Mirotic by TVXQ

Title track(s): “Mirotic” & “Wrong Number”

5. GO LIVE by Stray Kids

Title track(s): “God’s Menu”

6. KAI by Kai

Title track(s): “Mmmh”

7. Formula of Love: O+T=<3 by TWICE

Title track(s): “The Feels” & “Scientist”

8. Pink Tape by f(x)

Title track(s): “Rum Pum Pum Pum”

Source: Reddit