Fans Name 15 “Controversial” K-Pop Songs That They Can’t Help But Love

Do you love or hate these?

There are some K-Pop songs that are more universally loved by fans and the general public than others, while other songs are much more controversial and have listeners divided on how to feel about them. Many of these kinds of songs are on the more experimental side, which makes it understandable why they wouldn’t be to everyone’s tastes. Recently, a Reddit post was made for fans to share which K-Pop songs they recognize are a bit divisive, but that they still love regardless. Here are 15 of their top answers.

1. “memeM” by PURPLE KISS

2. “Scientist” by TWICE

3. “Zimzalabim” by Red Velvet

4. “Birthday” by Red Velvet

5. “Sticker” by NCT 127

6. “2 Baddies” by NCT 127

7. “Hot Sauce” by NCT DREAM

8. “O.O” by NMIXX

9. “Wolf” by EXO

10. “Girls” by aespa

11. “Step Back” by GOT the Beat

12. “TOMBOY” by (G)I-DLE

13. “Set Me Free Pt.2” by Jimin

14. “Permission to Dance” by BTS

15. “S-Class” by Stray Kids

Source: Reddit