Fans Name Their 21 Favorite “Cringy English” Parts In K-Pop Songs

There’s so much SM Entertainment πŸ˜‚

There are countless examples of English words and phrases used in K-Pop songs, some of which are more sensical than others. Recently on Reddit, fans were asked to share what their favorite “cringy English” lines from K-Pop songs are, and they delivered! Here are 21 of the most common answers from fans on the subject of questionable English lines that still manage to sound good.

1. “Mamacita” by Super Junior

2. “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)” by NCT U

3. “Ah Yeah” by SEVENTEEN

4. “OK!” by NCT U

5. “Happiness” by Red Velvet

6. “Love Me Right” by EXO

7. “Regular” by NCT 127

8. “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” by NCT U

9. “Delicious” by Toheart

10. “Papi” by f(x)

11. “Pretty Girl” by KARA

12. “Dreams Come True” by aespa

13. “Cat & Dog” by TXT

14. “Illusion” by aespa

15. “You Calling My Name” by GOT7

16. “Wave” by ATEEZ

17. “Dimple” by BTS

18. “I Can’t Stop Me” by TWICE

19. “Jopping” by SuperM

20. “Crescendo” by MONSTA X

21. “Bouncy” by Rocket Punch

Source: Reddit
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