K-Pop Fans Name 10+ Of The Most Painful Group Member Departures Ever

We’re still not over some of these!

It’s always painful to some degree when a K-Pop idol leaves their group, whether it was somewhat expected or completely out of the blue. Even if it’s the idol’s own decision to leave, rather than being forced out of their group against their will, it can be understandably hard for fans to come to terms with the change. Recently on Reddit, a post was made for K-Pop fans to share what they think were the most painful group member departures in the industry, and these are 10+ of their top answers.

1. Wonho (former MONSTA X)

Wonho | SBS

2. Tao (former EXO)


3. Rocky (former ASTRO)

Rocky | Fantagio

4. Jay Park (former 2PM)

Jay Park

5. Mashiho & Yedam (former TREASURE)

Mashiho | SBS

Yedam | SBS

6. Jinni (former NMIXX)

Jinni | SBS

7. Chuu (former LOONA)


8. B.I (former iKON)


9. Jessica (former Girls’ Generation)


10. Ella & Satbyeol (former PIXY)


Satbyeol | ALLART Entertainment

11. Love (former OnlyOneOf)

Love | 8D Entertainment

12. Soojin (former (G)I-DLE)


Source: Reddit