K-Pop Fans Rank EXO’s Top 30 Songs Of All Time, Including Sub-Units And Solos

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EXO debuted a whole 8 years ago on April 8, 2012. In those 8 years, they have created an extensive discography, as a whole group as well as with different sub-units and solo endeavors. While ranking the best EXO songs is entirely subjective depending on who is making the list, The Korean Herald recently made their own list of the “best” songs that EXO has come out with. Here are what they chose as the top 30 songs that the highly successful group has made!

30. “Tender Love”

29. “Blooming Day” (by EXO-CBX)

28. “Moonlight”

27. “UN Village” (by Baekhyun)

26. “What Is Love”

25. “Shall We?” (by Chen)

24. “Sing for You”

23. “Peter Pan”

22. “Gravity”

21. “Hey Mama” (by EXO-CBX)

20. “XOXO”

19. “Universe”

18. “Wolf”

17. “For Life”

16. “Lotto”

15. “Dancing King”

14. “Miracles in December”

13. “Love Me Right”

12. “Power”

11. “History”

10. “Lucky One”

9. “Obsession”

8. “Ko Ko Bop”

7. “Overdose”

6. “MAMA”

5. “Call Me Baby”

4. “Tempo”

3. “Monster”

2. “Love Shot”

1. “Growl”

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