K-Pop Fans Share 15 Songs With Lyrics They Intentionally Sing Incorrectly

Can you relate?

It’s one thing to mishear the lyrics of a K-Pop song and mistakenly sing it that way until you learn otherwise, but it’s another to intentionally sing the wrong lyrics! Sometimes, though, misheard lyrics can just be too funny to forget or correct, and recently, Reddit users were asked to share which K-Pop lyrics they intentionally sing wrong. Here are 15 of their top answers.

1. “Dynamite” by BTS

2. “TANK” by NMIXX

3. “Fact Check” by NCT 127

4. “Love Talk” by WayV

5. “Highlight” by SEVENTEEN

6. “Regular” by NCT 127

7. “Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK

8. “Sherlock” by SHINee

9. “Hold On Tight” by aespa

10. “Bubble” by STAYC

11. “Devil by the Window” by TXT

12. “The 7th Sense” by NCT U

13. “Heart Shaker” by TWICE

14. “Super Bowl” by Stray Kids

15. “Seesaw” by BTS

Source: Reddit
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