K-Pop Fans Think These 11 Songs Deserve Another Comeback

Could these tracks make a return?

On April 8, SBS aired another episode of their show MMTG – Civilization Express, and this time the panel was looking at K-pop songs they believed deserved another comeback!

During the episode, alongside their picks, the idols also looked at fans’ choices. They also looked at Melon‘s streaming data to see if any songs recently showed signs of “going viral.”

Here are the 11 songs that K-pop fans think deserve another comeback!

1. “My House” – 2PM

There is no denying how good this song is, and fans would not complain if it made a comeback.

2. “Love Me Right” – EXO

Many fans commented that they wanted to see the group do a fresh theme again.

3. “You Were Beautiful” – DAY6

As one of the group’s most popular songs, it is enough to make even the strongest person emotional.

4. “Boss” – NCT U

NCT U always has great songs but, for some reason, this one is the track the fans want to see promoted again!

5. “Run Away” – TXT

Even though all their tracks are great, TXT’s “Run Away” has this fresh and new feel that fans cannot seem to get enough of.

6. “Don’t Say No” – Seohyun

Fans always wished that SM Entertainment put more investment into Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and maybe, 2021 could be that year!

7. “Free Somebody” – Luna

For many fans, Luna’s “Free Somebody” was way ahead of its time and could do very well in 2021.

8. “Dope” – BTS

After a successful few years for BTS, “Dope” seems like a distant memory that fans want to bring back.

9. “We Must Love” – ONF

For many fans, ONF is seen as underrated, and this track can take the K-pop world by storm.

10. “Lady” – Yubin

After the return of retro concepts in K-pop, Yubin’s “Lady” would be the perfect fit to bring some sparkle to music shows.

11. “Butterfly” – LOONA

Elegant, mystical, and sophisticated, LOONA’s “Butterfly” took the world by storm and could easily do it again in 2021.